Pinching Your Pennies: Luggage

Hello Readers!  Happy Tuesday!  I’m sure many of you will feel a little out of it today after your kids had a three day weekend and went back to school yesterday.  Some of you may also be returning to work after your own three day weekend.  Of course, you may be like me, a Stay At Home Mom who doesn’t really get any days off.  Still, my week has been slightly thrown off, but that’s due to more personal reasons.

Anyway, today’s focus is on pinching your pennies and how to save on luggage sets and bags.  I know that this may seem like a crazy topic, but I do have a reason for bringing this up right now.  Many of you are probably eager to see Spring, and we have exactly one month before the official first day of Spring.  Like most of you, I’m dreaming of sunny days, blooming flowers, and the freedom that comes from warm weather.  I can’t wait to continue working on my Capsule Wardrobe by focusing on warmer weather pieces, and I’m already starting to see the warmer weather apparel appear in the stores.

But, around this time I start dreaming about Spring Break, of vacations, and of the fun that comes with Summer and the warm months.  And one of the expenses associated with vacations is luggage.  Now, you may already have a set of luggage that is doable, or you may be like my family.  My husband Ryan and I worked opposite schedules until just before our wedding and we never had the opportunity to travel much together before.  And now, money is tight as a single-income family.  While his new career is already quite promising, we still are watching our spending in order to save up for a larger down payment on a home.

The point is this: we don’t have a matching set of luggage.  We each of us have a couple of simple pieces—a couple of rolling carry-on bags that we all get for college and my favorite piece, a carpet bag.  But we have never really had a reason to buy a larger bag.  Any trips we have taken have only required a carry on size or two, and our plans are very unlikely to change any time soon.  And I know we aren’t alone in this position.

Needless to say, I recently realized that our current luggage is starting to fall apart and needs to be replaced.  After ten years for our bags being used repeatedly, they have taken a true beating and will most likely not last long.  Luckily for us, there is good news with regard to luggage sets.  In March, luggage sets will go on sale.  This is in anticipation for Spring Break vacations, summer vacations, and society’s anticipation for travelling opportunities.  So, March is always a great time to look into luggage sets.

Now, our family has a few small trips planned between now and next March.  To add to that, my capsule wardrobe project focuses on minimalism and on making the most of every piece, which means I will be taking less on vacation or on trips.  So we probably only need a couple of smaller bags or a smaller set of luggage than most people may need.  I think our son Sean needs more stuff than we do on our trips, and that’s saying something about my own lifestyle.

Anyway, we have considered buying a new set of luggage and getting rid of our current luggage.  And March will be a great time for that.  I’m still debating on what kind and how many pieces, but I think a simple three or four set would work.  I do want to keep my carpet bag that I purchased about five years ago, but it is slightly impractical for anything more than a day trip or weekender bag.  So, I do think it might be time to update my luggage for a more practical set.

Furthermore, I am intrigued to pack a capsule wardrobe for travel purposes, and I may get the opportunity to do just that in the very near future.  If I can manage to work with less than normal and successfully manage my wardrobe, then I may need a smaller set of bags.  I may be travelling back to my hometown to help out with some family needs, and if I go it would be for a week or so.  My trip would be secular, or without my husband Ryan nor my son Sean.  If that’s the case, then taking a smaller bag would be more manageable.  And while I will be gone, Sean would stay with our local family so that I can focus on where I’m needed most.

But, it isn’t clear if this will be necessary or not.  I’m still waiting to find out more information about this possible trip.  For now, I haven’t fully planned on it.  If I do go, I have a list of my basics that I would need to take, which should fit in a smaller bag.  Like the carpet bag I love but may not need.  I will keep you all informed as I learn more.  For now, I’m not going anywhere.  But, I still want to buy a new set of luggage.  And I encourage you to do so, as well.

Until next time,



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