In this Week…

Hello Readers!  I hope everyone had a great week and that Valentine’s Day was special for your household!  I know it was for mine!  Now, I wanted to let everyone know that my grandmother Nammi’s surgery was successful and she is in recovery.  At this time it is unclear what other treatments she will need for her breast cancer, if any, but we remain hopeful that she will soon be in remission.

So, let me tell you about our week.  First, my husband Ryan and I spent last weekend working on our master closet.  I have not touched it since we moved in almost eighteen months ago, and it is starting to show!  While we had originally unpacked most of our boxes, there are a couple that need some attention.  For one thing, my wedding dress is still packed up and, if I’m not mistaken, still needs to go to the cleaners.  A Winter wedding is not always forgiving on dresses!  Anyway, we focused our attention on clearing the row of shelves in our closet and the top shelf this weekend.

Now, this one was a tough decluttering project for me.  Our closet truly is my only storage in our apartment, which means that all of my crafting, knitting, and decorating supplies are in this space.  And a lot of it was on the row of shelves that will soon become my “dresser”.  In a few short weeks, my dresser set will no longer be here as we are selling it (it’s great for a little girl but not so great for a grown woman nor for a growing boy).  And, as such, I have decided to truly embrace the Capsule Wardrobe by eliminating half of what goes in my dresser as well as limiting my clothing.  That means less socks, less undergarments, fewer pajama sets, fewer workout sets, and the rest.  My end goal is to be down to less than 60 individual articles of clothing among my undergarments, workout gear, pajamas, and lounge wear (and that includes the slippers and cross trainers!).  It may seem crazy, but it’s been so relieving for me.

I don’t quite know what happened or what really spurred it on, but I suddenly realized a few months ago that our place was overflowing with junk.  Maybe it was when I was trying to find a place for the massive play kitchen set we purchased for our son Sean for Christmas this year.  I mean, I can remember standing in the middle of his overcrowded and messy room thinking Where do I even start?  I remember the day because I was trying to get everything ready for Christmas, packing bags to stay with family for the holiday, and I had spent the day picking up the toys and whatnot from around the house twice already.  I had walked back in his room to find that he had tossed every stuffed animal he’d ever received (and he already has quite the collection!) in every direction of his room.  His letter blocks had been strewn everywhere.  Too large clothes (kept in a spare drawer of his dresser) had been thrown out of the dresser and into the mess of his room.  I had once again started putting it away when I realized something important: I had no clue where we were planning to put his kitchen set.  His room was filled to the brim.  His closet was full of old clothes and baby things that we may use again with a potential second child.  Our living room already contained another box of toys because (1) his toy chest in his room was already overflowing and (2) half of his toys ended up scattered throughout the living room anyway.

So, I stood in the middle of his room and nearly cried when I made a very frightening discovery: we have too much stuff!  I thought about our closet, which was still cluttered and cramped even though I had eliminated bags of clothes and shoes.  I thought about our bedroom, which always looked like a warzone due to the excess junk everywhere.  And the office area was split into two sections: the books and useless desk with the inaccessible computer, and my desk with my many projects stacking up and the dying laptop.  And don’t even get me started on our unorganized and chaotic pantry and kitchen cabinets!  Of course, it doesn’t help that Sean has taken a shining to our plastic Tupperware containers and loves to throw them everywhere in the kitchen (but most especially in the trash can).

In fact, everywhere I looked I felt embarrassed with the clutter.  I felt claustrophobic and bogged down by the stuff.  And I knew I needed to make a change.  And so I started with the office spaces, condensing them down to one designated area of our home.  I pulled out the kiddie desk and replaced it with my new work surface.  We organized our office supplies, got rid of over half of them, and weeded out a ton of our books.  We set up the desktop, configured it to the latest software, and made it our primary computer.  Meanwhile, we transferred our documents and important information to the computer, wiped the laptop (at least mine) and made a plan to get rid of it.

And this progress in our office area has motivated us to keep it going in our Master closet.  I mean, I found bags and purses and junk that I no longer needed.  I found my knitting supplies and cut it down by half because I realized that I will never have the time to knit like I used to.  We got rid of sheet sets that don’t fit any of the beds in our house.  We made a plan to have my wedding dress professionally cleaned and then planned a place to store it properly (along with my wedding shoes, veil, and other wedding supplies.

I even went through my “memento” tub in the closet, and we were able to condense our memory items down to just one medium size storage tub in the closet.  Talk about making a difference!  We’re down to just half of the top shelf being filled, and only one shelf in the row sequestered for my shoes at the moment.  I honestly can’t wait to tackle what’s on the floor and weed out some of my husband Ryan’s clothes that I know he doesn’t wear nor that he will in the future.  The man has several suits, and his career doesn’t require these suits.  And, on top of it, many of the suits don’t fit properly or are ones that he isn’t too fond of.  Though he isn’t sold on my Capsule Wardrobe lifestyle mark my words: I will get him to say goodbye to much of the excess eventually.  Besides, I know he doesn’t want to move a lot of this junk again when we finally move on.

And so, I will continue to declutter throughout this year until our house is down to less than half of what we have now.  And while I’m loving the process and the results, my impatient nature is going insane as I continue to see the clutter everywhere and know I have to follow my plan of action in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But I’m sticking to my guns and working my way through it all, one section at a time.

Until next week,



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