In This Week…

Hello Readers!  Well, this week has been a crazy week for us.  We attended a small Superbowl Party with my in-laws at their home, and it was nice to have a laid back day with them.  We played games before kickoff, and then we women enjoyed a few card games while the men watched the game.  It was a relaxing day before a crazy week began for our family.

Of course, my husband Ryan had a busy week at work, and our son Sean and I spent the week with our usual routine.  I had hoped to be able to take Sean to a nearby park to run and burn off his excess energy, but we had rain every day of the week!  So, we visited my in-laws a couple of times this week so he could run around their large house.

I also continued on with my 21 Day Fix workouts even though Sunday was my final day of the program for this round.  I had already decided to continue the workouts after I finished because I know my biggest issue with losing weight is my aversion to exercise.  I hate the gym!  I hate working out.  But, I know I need to.  Our family eats really healthy every day, so the diet is not the concern.  It’s just the lack of real exercise.  And so, I told myself with this round of the 21 Day Fix that I had to stick with the exercises all the time.  After all, it’s only 30 minutes a day.

Anyway, I’m proud of myself for sticking with it, even after I finished my first round of the program.  And I had some great motivation to stay with it.  I lost two pounds!  I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve never lost two pounds and kept it off before!  Sure, I’ll lose a pound or two, but then a day later I’ll gain it back.  So, this has been a major win for me.  On top of that, I have actually noticed a change in my body as a result of the workouts.  No, I didn’t suddenly shape up.  But I’m suddenly a little more flexible and limber, and I don’t get as sore after working out each time.

Now, I had a few tips and tricks that helped with my success this time that really made a difference in how I managed it.  First of all, I took advantage of my old lunch bag from my working days.  Years ago, I happened upon this really cute lunch bag with a fluer de lis design in black and white on it, and I had to get it for my lunches.  I kept it when we moved because I loved the bag, even though I had no use for it.

However, I realized one of my biggest hold ups that I’ve noticed with my weight loss success has been my snacking.  And it’s worse when I’m bored.  So, I decided to use my old lunch bag once again for my 21 Day Fix.  Every morning, while our son Sean ate his breakfast and I made mine, I would prepare my snacks and lunch for the day and pack them away in my lunch bag with an ice pack.  I would leave it on the counter instead of in the fridge (hence the ice pack), and as I got hungry throughout the day I would reach for my bag instead of heading to the fridge or pantry.  And it worked!  While I still had my snacks, most of them were mixes of fruit and peanut butter or a protein like cottage cheese or eggs and veggies like celery and carrots.

Another huge impact on my success was my husband Ryan’s schedule.  In my previous attempts, his schedule would really throw me off because he would work from mid-morning to late night five days a week.  I would be awake early in the morning from Sean waking up early, and so I would eat breakfast at seven.  And then I would have lunch at noon.  And then dinner wouldn’t be until after eight each night, which meant that I would get hungry around five and begin excess snacking.

However, Ryan’s new schedule has him going in early in the morning now and getting home by six each evening.  So, I still had my breakfast with our son Sean around seven in the morning, but we had lunch at noon, and dinner was around six each evening.  This meant that my excess snacking was lessened.  And if I had any cravings after dinner, I kept to fruit for dessert.  But this rarely happened.

Now, I also kept to a lower calorie level as well.  I would eat half of the eggs per serving, and I often skipped out on my fruit servings.  I still enjoyed at least one serving of fruit per day, but I sometimes would opt against all three servings available.  As for the eggs, I found that eating just one hard boiled egg at breakfast was enough with my banana half and oatmeal.  I allowed myself that extra egg later on in the day if I found myself hungry with no snacks available.  But I actually never needed it.

And I’m looking forward to my next round of the 21 Day Fix Extreme in a couple of weeks as well as keeping up my workout regime from now on.

Until next week,



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