What to Buy this Month-February

Hello Readers!  Can you believe that we have already lived through one full month of 2017?  Whew!  Where did January go?  I hope that you have kept with your goals of this year, especially if it’s one about saving money!  If not, don’t fret!  Today is a great day to start, especially since you still have eleven months left to make the most of your goals!  I, especially, have been excited about the goals I started this year, and I’m happy to say that so far we are on track to do well for the rest of the year!

Anyway, I want to spend some time today telling you about some great ways to save money this month.  Who doesn’t love to save a bit on their purchases?  Let me tell you, there are some great deals coming up this month that you are sure to love, and some odd ones that can really save you time and money in the long run!  So, let’s get started.

First of all, your in season produce is going to be difficult to come by, especially if you’re all about the organics.  Broccoli and cauliflower are your only veggies in season right now, and pineapples and mangoes are your fruit choices.  So, this is a good month to rely on your root vegetables and year-round selections for produce.  Bananas, potatoes, onions, carrots, turnips, beets, and even winter squash should be your go-to selections for the month as well as what’s in season.

Now, February is also a good month to get oatmeal and frozen breakfast foods as they are on sale this month.  So, if your kids are hooked on Eggos, February is the time to stock up and save some cash.  You can also find canned foods on sale, so you should stock up on a few of them as well.  I love shoestring beets, so February is when I like to buy canned beets and save some serious cash for the year!  In the first week of the month, too, you will find snack foods and favorite appetizers on sale for the Superbowl, and after Valentine’s Day candy will be for sale.  So, go ahead and indulge yourself with those Kisses you can’t resist!

After Valentine’s Day you will also find the holiday decor on sale.  If you’re frugal like me, you might even buy valentines for your kids and store them for next year.  Even though valentines are inexpensive, those savings can really add up over time!  Don’t plan on storing any candy, however, as they tend to not last.  Still, you can purchase a nice deluxe valentine set, replace any candy with bagged candy next year, and have a great valentine for next year.  Just keep in mind that favorite shows and characters change each year based on what’s come out and what’s on television.  I would choose a more classic or age-appropriate set, such as Hot Wheels or animals.

Now, February is a month for sales.  Not only do we have President’s Day sales the weekend of the 20th, we also will find a lot of Winter apparel on sale.  Coats, boots, mittens, hats, and Winter clothes will all be on sale this month as stores try to dump their Winter gear to prepare for the Spring fashions that will roll out in March.  I’m really excited about this because I have a few items for my Capsule Wardrobe that I need to purchase, and I can really score some great deals on those items.  I found that the stylish calf boots I bought this Fall weren’t as efficient in snow and on ice as I would have liked, and they were difficult to wear under jeans, which made them not so great this Winter.  So, those will be replaced with more effective boots, and I have already found a pair I love!  I also realized that my red wool peacoat isn’t the world’s best attire when playing in the snow with a little one, and I’ve spotted a 3-in-1 parka coat set that would be ideal.  So, those are on my watch list as prices begin to drop this month.

While your wardrobe may be set, your kids will definitely need coats for next year.  You can guess that your kids will grow by at least one size in the next year, so this is a great time to get their coats for next year.  You can save yourself some serious cash in the process.  And if they end up growing more than anticipated, you can always sell the coat to recover some costs next Fall.  Some people do hunt for those deals online, and they are willing to pay for a coat with tags still on it.

After Valentine’s Day, you will also find gift sets and perfume at very low prices.  If your scent is often pricey, like my Chanel can be, the week after Valentine’s Day may be a good time to stock up for the year.  Of course, you may just get lucky and have your spouse or significant other purchase that bottle of perfume for you for the holiday.  For the rest of us, we can often save ourselves some good money by waiting until after Valentine’s Day to get our bottle.  You can also find sporting goods on sale in February, especially those for Winter sports like skis and snowboards.  If you can, look into buying your goods this month and save on your gear for next Winter.

Finally, now is the time to save on air conditioners.  In fact, I would have your air conditioner serviced in February if you can.  It’s a slower time for HVAC companies, and you will find out if your system is due for a replacement before the hotter months come around.  It can save you a lot of hassle, stress, time, and money later on.  And your HVAC guy will thank you for it as he is probably eager for work right now and knows that it will be extremely busy when the temperatures rise.  So, take some time to get your system serviced now before it gets too busy to get someone in.

And, most of all, enjoy saving your money all month on these sales!

Until next time,



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