My Book Nook: The Great Literature Works

Hello Readers!  If you’re anything like me, right now you’re enjoying the slow pace of life after the holidays.  While most people begrudge the snow and ice right now, I love it.  Especially as someone who stays at home, this weather means no visitors and nowhere I have to go.  And while it is stressful to worry about my husband Ryan as he drives to work, my concerns have slightly subsided as he has recently made a career change for the better.  Still, his current career takes him to the downtown district of our city, and we have recently had a severe flood in that area due to the rapid rise of the river that flows through the city.  If you haven’t guessed by now, we live in Reno, Nevada.  And while we did see a lot of flooding in our area, I have to commend our city and our Governor Brian Sandoval, for the preparedness and actions they took to prevent more damage or injury with this flood.  It truly was a smooth process, although homes in lowlands and valleys did suffer with evacuations, damages, and flooding.

Anyway, I was only truly aware of the flooding as we had places to go and people to see during the flood.  Man!  Was that crazy!  We dealt with diverted traffic routes, and at one time we drove past miles of fields with 4 to 6 feet of flood water.  Not inches.  Feet.  The fence posts were barely visible in the waves of water, and it felt as though we were driving through the ocean.  It was scary and nerve-wracking.  To add to that, we also dealt with a snow storm on top of icy roads that almost left our family stranded in a flood zone.  But, my husband Ryan’s fantastic driving saw us through the storm and safely back to our home.

Since then, I have been more than happy to curl up under a quilt with a cup of coffee and a great book.  And so, I’ve been perusing my favorite literature pieces that I often turn to for a great read, especially when I need a good pick me up.  So, allow me to share my favorite adventure novels with you.  Hopefully they will inspire you to read them as well!

The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas
This novel is all about revenge, and pirates, and adventure, and treasure maps.  I love it for the adventurous qualities it possesses.  While the summary may read like something your son would like, this truly is a novel for all.  I have always loved reading this book and watching Edmond grow and learn throughout its pages.  However, I will warn you, this book does not end on the happiest of notes.  After all, the lesson of the novel is that revenge is not always sweet.

Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe
I’m not going to lie, this book can be dry and difficult to get through.  This is the tale of a sailor that gets trapped on a deserted island for many years.  It’s like the movie Cast Away without Wilson, and with a lot of information.  The entire novel focuses on the almanac that Robinson Crusoe details about his island and his survival on the island.  It’s fascinating because the entire novel chronicles his life on this island and about the ecology of the island itself.  It can be quite dry, but it is an inspirational tale for me.  While it sounds crazy, it inspires me to explore my own creativity in creating a world or town and understanding the inner workings of it.

Walden, by Henry David Thoreau
Okay, I have to confess that I hated this book the first time I read it.  It was so dry!  In it, Thoreau details everything about his year spend in the Concord Woods, including the cost of each nail he purchased in order to build his log cabin.  I will admit that even then I couldn’t get through the first few pages before I gave up.  However, after I read Robinson Crusoe I was curious to try out this book again.  And I found it quite inspirational and self-reflective, and it really depicts the inner workings of the psyche when isolated and away from society.

So, these books are a few of my favorite adventure books that I like to enjoy during the cold months when I’m stuck inside with little to do and less to visit.  I hope you will enjoy reading these books, too.

Until next time,



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