In this Week…

Hello Readers!  Well, I’m sure by now you may have guessed what’s been on my mind: my decluttering overhaul.  Yes, this has been a major focus for me this week, especially since we’ve made a lot of progress.  So, let me start by telling you how this came about.

This holiday season, my husband Ryan and I decided to buy a play kitchen for our son Sean because Sean was constantly in my kitchen, playing with my Tupperware and making an overall mess of everything!  It was aggravating, and we knew he needed something similar for himself.  So, we bought a large play kitchen for him for Christmas.

When the box arrived a couple of weeks before the holiday season, I freaked out.  It was huge!  It dawned on me that this gift was bigger than anticipated, and I wondered where I would fit it.  This started me on thinking about the excess junk we have all over our home.  While I’ve made strides in getting rid of the extra garbage by resorting to a capsule wardrobe this past Fall, I haven’t even thought about Sean’s room.  Our son is very blessed to have two families dead set on spoiling him rotten.  Unfortunately, that means that his room is filled with so much that he can’t enjoy it all.  To add to that, we have a lot of baby stuff stored in his room that we are keeping in case we have another child in the future.  So, his closet is filled with his bassinet, his swing, his pack n play, and a slew of other must-haves that we used (like the bassinet) or rarely used (such as the case with his swing and pack n play).

And then there’s the rest of the home.  Somehow, we managed to fit two houses into this one as we didn’t move in with one another until we were married and we moved into this home just a few months after we got married.  And adding our son into the fray has certainly not helped conserve space.  Anyway, I’ve been frustrated and tired of constantly picking up and cleaning without it showing due to the glaring clutter staring us in the face.  While the house looks immaculate, the overly crammed bookshelves, and bursting desk, my “desk” system in the living room, the crowded breakfast bar, and the overcrowded counters in the kitchen have overwhelmed my efforts to keep our home put together.

And so, our overhaul began last week in our Dining Room/”Office” space.  I had planned on starting with our son Sean’s room since it was the trigger for the overhaul goal.  But shortly after planning my year-long overhaul, my laptop started going on the fritz.  For being a fairly expensive model that’s only a couple of years old I would’ve expected more.  Unfortunately, packing it everywhere has taken its toll on the machine, and I realized I needed to get it in for repairs if I had any chance of using it come this summer.  However, just as my husband Ryan and I started discussing repairs to my laptop, I had an epiphany: what about his state-of-the-line desktop system he purchased but we never use?  Ryan bought this system a couple of years ago for gaming purposes only, so it’s basic in terms of programs and whatnot.  It doesn’t currently have a full Office suite like we have on my laptop, but it is connected to the printer.  However, we do have a full Office suite on disk, and we have the latest Windows system ready to install.

We simply never use the desktop because it currently rests on my old desk that’s fit for a ten year old girl who likes to color but not for a full grown woman who needs room to type.  I mean, we can either have the monitor or the keyboard on this desk, if you can picture that.  But, in my overhaul plans, I had wanted to get rid of my old bedroom set that includes the desk and put my current desk system in its place, and it would fit the desktop perfectly.

So, we decided to start the overhaul in our Dining Room.  Last week, we cleaned out our filing system in order to condense it to only the necessary documents (like the legal documents and financial portfolio information), which are now safely stored in our fireproof safe.  We also cleaned out our plastic office carts that Ryan had from his previous place.  Man!  He was a packrat!  We have one that will fit under the table I use as my desk that holds our computer needs: printer paper and ink, computer programs, and computer games.  And then we have a taller one that won’t fit but is great for holding my crafting needs: pens, scissors, stickers, construction paper, crayons, paint, and the like.  And my “desk” in the living room is an old trick I picked up in grad school.  A folding table is perfect for a desk because it doesn’t have that pesky keyboard tray that gouges your thighs, and it’s great for spreading out your supplies while you work.  Best of all, it can easily be folded up in a flash.  So, we plan to put the desktop computer on the table in our “Office” area and free up some space in our living room.

This week, we concentrated on clearing out some of our books.  Our bookshelves are seven feet high, and the one that contains our books is brimming with books.  Some of them we have read and they haven’t brought us any joy.  So we decided to get rid of some.  Also, my cookbooks and cooking magazines–which are used almost daily around here–have been crammed in wherever there was a spot.  And I want them to have space on our shelves.  So, we are creating room for them this week and next week.

And other than that, we are just concentrating on getting our lives back to normal after the holidays.  We are also eager for the coming weeks.  Tomorrow is my husband Ryan’s last day at his currently company.  He is taking a week off to spend some quality time with us before he starts on a new opportunity in logistics.  This is a Godsend for us as it brings hope of a better and brighter future as well as a hefty raise in our current household income.  We can’t be more thankful for this opportunity and all that it promises.

For now, I remain your ever faithful blogger.  And I love being that.

Until next week,



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