In this Week…

Hello Readers!  I hope your first week of the year wasn’t too hectic for you.  My own week was spent trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays.  And let me tell you, it wasn’t that easy, although I know that it will get easier as I continue.

First of all, there were the decorations to take down and the clean up from the holidays to attend to.  This is a tough one for us this year.  Our son Sean has been fascinated by our kitchen since he was able to move around on his own.  It has driven me crazy at times as he has especially loved getting into the cabinet where I keep our Tupperware containers.  I can’t tell you how many times in a day I spend picking up my plastic containers and the lids from the floor.

Anyway, we decided to purchased a play kitchen with lots of doors for our son Sean for Christmas. Unfortunately, the kitchen came in a very large box that took up a lot of space.  And this kitchen is a pretty decent size, too.  But, for us, it’s been a matter of finding space for it in our son’s already crowded room with lots of toys.  I’ll say this about our son: he definitely does not go without.  Sadly, my husband and I have purchased very little for him.  We are blessed to have loving family members from both sides that wish to do nothing but spoil our son rotten!

However, I have spent this week not only cleaning up our common areas but also decluttering our son’s room to make way for everything he got.  I was prepared for this, however.  A couple of weeks before Christmas, I started taking note of what we would need to do after the hols.  And I would’ve loved to have started the declutter and storage process for his extras.  But, sadly, his play kitchen was blocking our storage access until now.  So, now that we have access once again, a lot of his old learning tools and baby items have made their home elsewhere.

Now, I have kept a lot of Sean’s belonging in case there is another child in the future.  And, to add to it, we didn’t use some of the items that we received, such as his Pack ‘N Play or his walker.  Still, these larger items will be useful for any future children, not to mention anyone else having children in the near future.  So, we have kept his stuff and we’ve kept it in good condition for future use.

Still, the clutter in his closet and in his room has been driving me crazy!  I was so glad to tackle some of it this week, although it definitely started a frenzy for me to declutter more.  I’m actually looking forward to working on my closet some more, especially with regard to my Capsule Wardrobe project.  Although I have gotten my wardrobe down to less than fifty items total (yes, fifty, and that’s year round), I have a lot left to clean out.  But that’s a conversation for another day.

To continue on this week, I also had a dental appointment this week, and I had a cavity.  I have always thought that cavities were things of childhood.  But I have noticed a couple springing up over the last two years.  Of course, I had one large one under an old filling from my childhood.  And I learned that my metal fillings from the past will all have to eventually be refilled with resin ones.  Or I am likely to have a root canal.  Luckily for me, I have only had cavities in my lifetime.  No root canals.  No crowns.  Nothing of that sort yet.  And I am hopeful that this trend continues for a few years yet.

On a final note, I am slowly getting back into my old routine.  I had a rough couple of months toward the end of the year, and I needed to get back into my routine.  So, this week I refocused my interests on my daily and weekly cleaning lists.  While I would love to scrub from top to bottom all day until my place sparkled, I will admit that this would be nearly impossible even for me.  I have a toddler underfoot all day long, and where I am he will be.  So, using heavy chemicals with a kiddo is not so easy.  Plus, whatever I clean up he seems to mess up once again.

So, for those of you out there who question how anyone can get anything done with kids always underfoot, just know that I am right there with you.  And there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow moms out there that share in this plight.  But, never fear!  Our families are more important than a clean house.  I, for one, would rather our son Sean grow up remembering the good times than remembering the clean house.

And so, I am off to chase my kiddo out of my kitchen and into his to play.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend with your family!

Until next week,



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