In this Month: January Events & Ideas

Hello Readers!  Happy New Year!  Like most of you, I am already looking forward to the warm weather of Spring now that the holidays are over.  But, sadly, we have a couple more months of cold weather before we can celebrate Spring.  So, it looks like we’re stuck inside for now.

Alas, many of us are going to go bonkers if we are stuck inside for too long with our kids, especially when the snow starts piling up and the weather turns too terrible for you to head outside.  I am included in this one.  Our Christmas was not so white and we have not had any significant snowfall yet, but we can expect to see some this month.  Still, I like to have a list of things planned out or ideas for celebrations all month long to entertain the kiddos and have something to look forward to during the month.  So, let’s talk about a few ideas for fun this month that can help ease your cabin fever!

My first idea is to plan on a sledding/skiing/snowboarding day.  I will tell you that I am not into skiing or snowboarding.  I would much rather spend my time in the lodge with a good book and a great cup of coffee, relaxing by the fireplace, than strap little twigs onto my feet and risk my life and limbs on an icy mountain slope.  Unfortunately, I am one of the few people in our area that doesn’t enjoy winter sports, and most that find out think I’m crazy since we live very close to Lake Tahoe.  Now, my husband Ryan enjoys skiing, and there are sledding hills in our region that are great for kids.  As one of Sean’s Christmas gifts from us, we have promised him a day of sledding this month.  This is a great weekend activity to plan with your kids, especially in January.  Most of the time, the heavy snowfall comes in January, which will mean you’ll actually have a reason to get excited about the storms.  Secondly, this is a great family bonding experience as well as a fun way to burn off that extra energy your kids always seem to have.  I highly recommend planning on this activity in the month of January.

Now, the difficult part about planning on this event is depending on the weather.  As we all know, the weather can never be relied upon.  However, I have found that the Weather Channel app for smartphones is fairly accurate, along with others like WeatherBug and AcuuWeather.  I personally use the Weather Channel one.  You can see up to two weeks in advance and it will give you an idea of when the weather will hit.

Another fun activity this month is Chinese New Year, which takes place on January 28th.  This year is the year of the Rooster, and it is considered to be a Yin year.  Regardless, the history behind this event is important because it’s a part of a very ancient culture.  This is a great way to teach your kids about other cultures and other celebrations.  You could create Chinese lanterns, hang them up around the house, and give your children red envelopes to wish them good luck in the coming year.  Be sure to serve traditional food for the holiday.  Fish is a must for Chinese New Year, and other traditional dishes are dumplings, spring rolls, and sweet rice balls.  This is a great holiday to share with your family.

Another very important historical event in this month is Martin Luther King Jr Day on January 16th.  This is a great time to introduce the history of the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. King to your children.  Even young children can learn the basics of the movement.  This is a good time to begin educating your children about equality for all and begin teaching them the importance of Dr. King’s work.  It’s a great way to teach them what’s important for our society and the future of our nation.

Another great and historical event to share with your children is Inauguration Day on January 20th.  Regardless of your feelings about the president elect, this is a very important and historical day for our nation.  Even if you don’t choose to watch the event or allow your kids to watch it, this is still a good day to teach your kids about the election process and cycle.  It’s good to teach them the history of our country, of the electoral college, of the republic versus democracy differences.  It’s always a good time to ensure our children are well educated and informed.

And finally, if you are looking for more ideas to celebrate the month with your family, January is a great month for some national events.  It is National Bath Safety Month, National Blood Donor Month, National Braille Literacy Month, National Hobby Month, Hot Tea Month, National Oatmeal Month, and National Soup Month.  These are great events to celebrate with your kids.  Maybe you can plan on having oatmeal for breakfast every morning (or almost every morning) in January, or you can make a new soup each week, or you can try a new hobby together.  There are so many options for your own family, and I highly encourage you to try to celebrate one of these this month right now.

Hopefully, you have a few options in mind for this month.  Even if you choose to not celebrate any of these events, be sure to do something unique and special this month with your family.  Take time to make them a priority, and remember what’s most important.

Until next time,



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