“Me” Time: Preparing for a New Year

Hello Readers!  Okay, so a couple of days ago I admitted that I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions.  While I personally feel that any day is a great day to start a new journey, I still understand the importance of preparing for a new year and setting goals for the year.  I still set my own goals, but I don’t make promises such as with resolutions.  After all, to err is human.  And I tend to err with regard to resolutions.

However, I prefer to set goals for myself for the new year.  I like to spend some time thinking about what I want to focus on each month of the year and what goals I wish to accomplish each month.  It helps me understand where to focus my energies each month instead of trying to make one resolution work all year long.  However you choose to do it, this is the time to turn your attention to your goals for 2017.  To get you started, here are a couple of mine for the year.

Organize my closet/Capsule Wardrobe project
Yes, this is one of my personal goals for the coming year, and the Capsule Wardrobe project is an ongoing one.  My overall goal is to have one hundred items or less in my wardrobe, including my pajamas, workout gear, bathing suits, shoes, socks, and apparel.  I have started working on this, but this is something I want to have stocked and fantastic in 2017.  I have a lot of ill-fitting clothes that I need to replace because I was so lost on my fittings after having our son Sean.  I have, in one year’s time, gone from my prepregnancy size 4/6 to my post-pregnancy size of, well, a size 14/16.  Not to mention, I had my pregnancy clothes that I had to replace during my pregnancy.  To tell the truth, it has been more of an emotional journey than a physical one.  Just before my pregnancy, I had finally found my perfect size in jeans (Levi’s, of course) that fit and were comfortable.  And I bought about six pair of them in different colors and styles.  And then I got pregnant and gained weight.  And nothing fits right.  It’s been a completely emotional ride and it’s resulted in a lot of trial and error in finding clothes that fit and that didn’t look frumpy on me.

Nonetheless, I have jumped on this Capsule Wardrobe project as soon as I saw it a few months ago.  For some reason, a pin about it came up in my Pinterest feed one day, and I was instantly hooked on it.  What I love about it is the idea of finding a classic and simple wardrobe that fits any style and any season.  I also like that it can be any style or color that you want.  Before getting into the Capsule Wardrobe project, I often spent the day in my pajamas because, well, I had nowhere to go and I didn’t really care for my clothes.  Some of them didn’t fit and I felt dull and drab all the time.  Everything I had was mostly black or felt like a tent on me.  But, when I finally found my color palette of Navy, Red, and Pink with Black and White neutrals and Beige, Brown, and Grey accent colors, everything clicked.  I found a new appreciation for the clothes that I owned, I stuck to only the clothes that I loved, and I became picky about my purchases by only picking what I love and what fits right.  Now, I wake up every day and immediately get excited about getting dressed for my day.  It gives me a sense of purpose and drive each day that I was missing before, and I actually feel better about my size, even now that I’ve gained the excess weight.

And while I’m off to a great start on my Capsule Wardrobe project, I still have a lot left to do.  I have gotten rid of almost all of my daily wear, but I have the rest to sort through and to pare down.  I especially have to pare down and get picky about my intimates.  For the past year, I have clung to whatever would fit (especially since I gained a couple of cup sizes and have had to toss out the old cutesy pre-mom bras in favor of those oh-so-comfortable 18 hour ones).  As a result, I now own quite a few pair of intimates that often stick out for all to see, and I often feel unsexy in plain cotton.  I also have to sort through the workout gear and get rid of the old stuff that won’t fit now.  And there are still pieces that I want and have earmarked in my online account through my favorite department store that I will eventually purchase when the time is right.  But, it’s a work in progress and 2017 is a great time to work on it.

My Crush It Planner
For Christmas this year, my mother-in-law gave me the Crush It Planner from Living Well, Spending Less.  Last year, we tried the Passion Planner.  And while it was useful, there were issues that seem to be corrected with the Crush It Planner.  So, I’m focusing my attention on this planner and on crushing my goals with it.  I had a planner I created for myself this year, but I love having a portable one that I can pack in my laptop tote and carry with me with all of my blog post information in it.  Not to mention, I also am excited to work on other goals, such as completing Whole30 in the year, reading new books, maintain my routine, and improve my routine each day. I am determined to stick to my new planner and really focus on completing my goals once again.

I also have been thinking about the “perfect” routine for myself.  I actually have started working on putting the perfect routine and schedule down on paper.  My goal is to focus on improving one area of my routine each month until I get to the perfect routine in the end, or close to it. Using my planner to set my monthly goals and take each area on month at a time, I hope to achieve this goal.  Also, I have the Capsule Wardrobe project mapped out and set up with its own monthly goals within my planner.  Setting these Crush It goals for each month motivates me to take these steps each month to reach my goals by the end of the year.

So, I hope that this has helped you think of your own goals and resolutions as we move into the new year.  Hopefully, you will be able to set up some realistic goals or resolutions today.

Until next time,



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