Have you Tried…Reboot?

Hello Readers!  I’m excited to talk about today’s topic because this is another project that has recently inspired me to try it out.  I’m sure we are all interested in losing a few extra pounds right now, especially those that we gained over the season.  And this program does offer an option for us to lose weight.  And so, I have recently begun to look into the Reboot system.

Now, before I get too far into it, let me reassure you that this can be considered a fad diet if it isn’t done properly.  This system does require a lot of discipline and perseverance.  So, let me get started in explaining this system for you and explaining the fad diet consequences of it.

First of all, this Reboot system was designed for Joe Cross and is the basis for the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”.  In this documentary, Cross explains that he suffers from a rare autoimmune disease before he does a 60 day juicing fast.  Yes, a juicing fast.  With this juicing fast, he drinks nothing but freshly made juices he makes of fresh produce and filtered water for the duration of his fast.  He intakes nothing but water and produce.  In the process of doing this fast, Cross loses about 100 of fat and stops taking all medications for his disease.  In fact, he no longer suffers from the disease.  And, with proper exercise, he is able to maintain his new weight and healthy life sans medicine.

During his documentary, he recruits a couple of people to test the juice fast.  And they, too, lose weight and see a drastic and positive change in their health.  In fact, he finds Phil in Arizona who suffers from the same rare autoimmune disease as Cross.  With the fast, Phil also loses a drastic amount of weight, and his health also changes dramatically.  This is a great point for Cross as Phil is a member of the working class.  So, Cross’s point is that this system can be available for anyone, regardless of background.

Now, Cross did make a second documentary called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead II” in which he does show how this can be a fad diet.  And, sadly, the example of this is the aforementioned Phil.  Without a support network to keep the lifestyle going, Phil gains back all of the weight he lost through the Reboot system.  And, with Cross’s help as well as a support network in place, Phil is set back on the right track to losing the weight again.  So, this shows that even the best system can fail.  However, I still have hope with this.

Before I get too  far into explaining the Reboot system, I will start with this disclosure as it’s provided by Cross as well.  Always be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program to ensure that you are healthy enough to complete it.  Second, be sure to always follow orders regarding the system.  With the Reboot system, any more than 15 days of the juice fast does require doctor supervision to ensure that you do not suffer from an electrolyte imbalance.  So, let’s start talking about it.

So how does it work?  The Reboot system relies on a 100 percent diet of fresh produce.  Literally.  You start off by doing a couple of warm-up days during which you consume only produce but it doesn’t need to be juiced.  Still, you avoid all processed options.  Period.  No frozen foods.  No bread.  No coffee, even.  This helps prepare your system to handle the juice when you start it.  After a couple of vegetarian only days, you switch to your juice fast.  Now, this can be anywhere from 3 to 30 plus days, but Cross and his team recommend no more than fifteen days if doing a juice fast without doctor supervision.  Anyway, after you complete your juice fast, you should revert to a vegetarian only diet for a couple of days until your body adjusts to breaking down foods once again.  And then you slowly add proteins and grains to your diet over time.

While this seems tough, it has been successful in helping people lose weight and correct health factors like hypothyroidism and diabetes as well as migraines and other illnesses.  I have talked with a few people who have done this system a few times, and even those with health issues have reported feeling healthier and more energetic than they were before starting the system.  But, they did warn a few other side effects to bear in mind.

First, it takes a lot of perseverance to complete this program.  The first few days you feel sluggish, cranky, and hungry as your body adjusts to the system.  It may take five days for your body to adjust and the energy to return.  But sticking with it means you will see a change in your energy levels soon thereafter.  And the weight starts melting off at that point.  What happens is your body transitions into thinking that it’s starving and needs to resort to using its fat reserves to produce energy.  Your body isn’t truly starving because you do consume micronutrients via the juice, but it will still burn fat as the micronutrients won’t be completely enough.  So, stick through it and you will manage to be successful.

Second, you will see a drastic change in your…ahem…bowels.  For the first few days, while your body detoxes, you will want to stick close to home or be near a restroom.  Just in case.  You will be a little irregular in the first few days as your body cleanses itself of the toxins built up in your system.  But then you will notice a complete change in your system and you will feel so clean.

To add to that is the third point: the changes of your before and after diet.  You must stick to a strictly vegetarian diet before and after, and you must slowly add protein and grains afterward.  If you jump right into them after the juice fast, you are likely to suffer from some pretty painful bloating and irritable bowels.  So, keep that in mind and don’t rush into it.

The final point is the cost.  While the produce isn’t too expensive (it costs about $10-15 per day to complete the juice fast), a juicer can be expensive and can be burdensome to clean.  If you don’t have one already, check with your friends and family members to see if they have one you can borrow at first.  If you happen to love juicing you can then look into purchasing your own juicer.  But if not, you won’t feel too guilty about spending a large amount of money on a new piece of equipment.

And, finally, for more information, please be sure to check out the Reboot with Joe website.  They have tons of recipes, a fantastic support network, and wonderful options to explore for your own success.  I, personally, am planning to start my own Reboot system after the new year.  So I will, hopefully, have more information on this system soon.

Until next time,



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