Shopping Tip: Taking Advantage of Sales

Hello Readers!  Well, I have mentioned this before but I’m sure you are eager for the holiday craziness and frazzled shopping trips to end this coming Sunday on Christmas day.  And while I’m sure you don’t want to even think about shopping right now, I do want to talk about how you can score some great steals and deals right now, and I want to share my tips with you.

Now, believe it or not, the last week of the year and the first week of the year are great times to shop for so many things.  First of all, you can get a great deal on your holiday needs for the next year.  You can score wrapping paper, Christmas labels, holiday cards, bows, and ribbons for half price or less.  I often grab as many rolls of paper as possible at this time of the year, and I often can score rolls for a quarter apiece.  Now, what I love about this is that I can even find non-holiday like paper for these prices.  So I often save a lot of money on my wrapping needs for the whole year.

Another great deal to score right now is on electronics.  A lot of stores will be trying to clear out their models from this year in order to make room for their new stock for the new year.  So, if you hold out on getting that new HDTV until after the holidays you can save yourself quite a bit of money.  And new cameras, computers, and gaming consoles will often be on sale at that time.  So, take advantage of the sales and get those electronics after the holidays if you can wait.

Also, you will find a lot of dealerships slashing prices on brand new cars during the last week of the year in order to make room for their new stock.  So, you can save yourself a few thousand dollars on a new car if you’re looking for one.  Another dealership that will be slashing prices on their 2016 stock are furniture dealers.  Yes, that fantastic living room set that you have drooled over for months will be on sale.  So, if you can hold off until next week, you can save a lot of money on that set.  Or, knowing about these deals, you can start saving the funds now and buy a set next year with cash and no payments.

Now, some department stores will have their seasonal gear on sale as well after the holidays.  They will try to score as much revenue on the holiday gear as possible, so you can often get some of those holiday classics for very low prices after the holidays when people are often not buying clothes.  So, look into scoring those items after Sunday and save yourself some money before the New Year.

Another big sale will be on sporting equipment and gear.  You will find a lot of equipment like skis, snowboards, and whatnot on sale after the holidays as sporting goods stores will be looking for ways to make the end of the fiscal year as effective as possible, and they’ll likely be interested in making a profit on their end-of-the-year stock right now.  You can likely find similar sales in other specialty stores like jewelers and toy stores who count on the holidays for a lot of their profits.

Now, while you may not think about it, you may be able to also score some deals at your local grocer’s, too.  Most likely, they will have specials and sales on holiday fare like hams, prime rib, turkeys, geese, and the like.  But, you may also be able to score on fresh vegetable options, desserts, drinks, and whatnot.  If you have a deep freezer or room in your kitchen one, now would be a great time to stock up on these items for future use.  This could really save you some money on your groceries and on those expensive cuts of meat that you may rarely purchase due to their higher costs.

As for those veggies, you can easily prep them and freeze them for future use in freezer bags or vacuum sealed packages for future use and you can save a lot over time by taking advantage of sales like these.  And some pies, especially those frozen ones, can keep for quite some time.  By following this, you can easily entertain friends and family and serve them high quality meals and expensive meats while saving yourself a ton of money.

So, take advantage of the sales that will come next week and stock up while you can save a lot of money for the year!

Until next time,



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