Crafting with…Holiday Decor

Hello Readers!  Can you believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away, and 2017 starts in only three short weeks?  Where has the year gone?  Right now, you are probably so very frazzled with holiday wrapping paper, preparing for Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, busy shopping in cranky crowds, and let’s not forget the kids that are bouncing off the walls in anticipation of the big events coming up.  If you’re anything like me, you’re probably fighting the toddler off the tree, the word “No” has become your mantra as you try to keep your kids from opening gifts early, and your most likely ready for the holidays to be over and done with.

Needless to say, crafting is probably the last thing on your mind right now!  But, this might be the perfect time to stop running through the crazy holiday motions and take a moment to focus that energy on making something new.  Besides being able to harness your energy into something new, this can also be a good time to make a couple of smaller gifts or decorations for your holidays.  So, what sort of crafts should you focus on?

The first craft project to discuss is a personal favorite of mine: the Yule Log.  This is a really fun and creative project that takes very little effort to put together.  All you need is a log, preferably birch, a drill with a forstner drill bit (1 1/2″ diameter), a couple of candles, and some dollar store decorations such as evergreen branches, styrofoam miniature woodland creatures, plastic holly or poinsettias, and ribbons and baubles found at your local craft store.  Some of these supplies may also be available at the dollar store, which can really help you with the decor.  Just search for Yule Log tutorials on the Internet to find several guides to create one of these for your table or your mantle today.

Another favorite craft for right now is a wreath.  I know you probably have already purchased your wreath for the holidays, but have you thought of what you want to feature after the holidays?  Right now I like to think about doing a non-holiday wreath with a Winter theme, something like twigs and snowflakes and pine cones.  Best of all, a wreath like that can be almost free for you if you shop on your walks.  You can easily pick up twigs on your walks that you can ties together with wire or twine, and pine cones can be found on walks as well.  Using hot glue you can glue them onto your wreath to add a little flair.  You can also add a burlap bow or a ribbon of some kind to add a little flair.  Or you can use ornaments in shades of blue and white to create a Winter theme for your wreath.

As for your post holiday decor around the house, you can also use twigs in your wide mouth vases and galvanized buckets for a cozy and Winter-themed home.  If you worry about the twigs standing or staying in place, you can add some “snow” to keep them in place.  The easiest, and most cost effective, method for creating “snow” is to add Epsom salts into the vase.  The Epsom salts will give the appearance of snow and will sparkle slightly due to its natural sheen.  If you want to get a little more decorative, you can always use fillers such as glitter covered picks and spiral picks to add a little extra to your vases.  Just remember to not water the Epsom salts or it will disintegrate.

I also love taking dollar store ornament bulbs or cheap ornament sets to apothecary jars after the holidays for a fun and sophisticated look for your home.  Best of all, after the holidays these ornaments will be on sale for at least half the price, sometimes less, and they can make wonderful post holiday Winter decor for your home.  You can even use string lights in your apothecary jars for a unique and sophisticated chic look for your home that your guests and friends will love.

Now, a few things that I like to use for my own home and craft into different decorations around my home include logs, especially in galvanized buckets or fire log buckets, pine cones, especially if added with string lights to apothecary jars, snow, as I’ve mentioned before with Epsom salts and twigs in wide lipped vases, and bulb-shaped ornaments that come in the packs.  These are some of my favorite decorations and craft supplies for this time of the year and for creating my Winter decorations after the holidays.

So I hope that this has helped to inspire you to create some great decor for your own home after the holidays.

Until next time,



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