Buying Picks: Planners and Calendars

Hello Readers!  I’m sure a lot of us are scrambling to complete our holiday tasks right now, and many of you may not be even close to thinking about your calendars and planners right now.  But after my post yesterday about DIY projects, I thought I would discuss planners and calendars today.  Now is really the best time to pick them up before it gets too crazy, and getting them now means you can find the one you really want.

So, let me start by talking about my favorite calendar.  While I love wall calendars of different kinds, my absolute favorite one is a mom-centered one.  I recently purchased the Mary Engelbreit’s Mom’s Calendar at Barnes and Noble, but it can also be purchased today at Amazon for a reasonable price.  I love this kind of a calendar because there are individual lines and sections for each member of the household.  It really helps in keeping everyone on track as well as ensuring that you may never miss an appointment or event.

There are several similar calendars like this one, and I really like the Wells Street by Lang Mom’s Plan-It Plus calendar, which can be purchased on Amazon for a low price as well.  I like the Plan It Plus calendar because it doesn’t require you to rewrite the names in the monthly calendar, and it also runs from Sunday to Saturday.  The Mary Engelbreit’s one runs Monday to Sunday and each month will require me to write in the names of our family members.

Now, when it comes to planners, you want to make sure that you shop around for one that has your favorite features.  It may take you years to find a planner that you really like.  It did for me.  My absolute favorite planner is the Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer, which can be found at  I used to be able to find it at Barnes and Noble, but they no longer carry it.  Since then, I have tried others and I have found that, while I like some features of others, I still prefer this planner.  Not only does it feature weekly dated pages, it also features a column on the outside edge of every page for meal planning on one side and grocery shopping on the other.  This column is also perforated, which makes it easy to tear out and use for shopping.

Now, this planner might not be for everyone, and that’s fine.  Another planner I really liked was the Passion Planner that I purchased last year.  I liked that this planner helped me focus on individual goals and resolutions, it helped me break down my overall goals each month and each month into weekly goals, and so forth.  And each month there were reflective questions to answer that helped me refocus on my overall goals.

I loved having this structured planner.  However, I realized in March that my expectations for myself far exceeded the reality.  I had expected to bounce back to my original weight after pregnancy and I was going to the gym every day, eating healthy like I had always done, etc.  But instead of losing weight, I gained an additional twenty pounds.  And my resolution to return to my pre-pregnancy size disappeared fast.  Unfortunately, all of my goals for the Passion Planner were centered on that, and it thus ruined my focus for the year.

I also have heard from my mother in law that she has purchased a new one for me for the coming year called the Living Well Planner.  I have looked into this planner and I am eager to test it out.  When I love about it is that it might be useful in tackling my goals each month instead of focusing on a yearly goal.  It also looks like it contains a lot of features that I like about planners, such as pages for Expenses, a monthly calendar, weekly pages, and more.  I can’t wait to test it out and begin working on crushing my goals again!

Aside from this planner, I also have created my own planner binder that contains all of my necessary work for decor ideas, blogging plans, and information that I will need for the coming year.  It also contains a self-made dated planner that contains the birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays that I prefer to celebrate, and it contains specific information of each month that will become of use as I continue this blog next year.  This information is lists of what’s on sale each month, what produce is on sale, and what holidays and national events are featured each month.

I highly recommend that whatever planner you use, make sure it’s one that you enjoy and one that contains features you will use.  And above all, make sure you get your planners now before it gets too late in the year to tackle your goals.

Until next time,



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