Cleaning 101: Winter Cleaning

Hello Readers!  Well, the holiday season is in full swing, and it’s only going to get crazier for us as the weeks go by.  Chances are you are up to your eyeballs in wrapping paper and tinsel, and the last thing on your mind is your deep cleaning.  But focusing on your Winter Cleaning tasks right now can greatly help you out before your schedule fills up and your house gets worse.  So, what tasks should you focus on?  Let’s take a look.

First of all, be sure to wash your linens and flip your mattresses, as well as vacuum and deep clean your bed and bedding.  You want your rooms and guest rooms to be clean and fresh to help fight off illnesses.  As a bonus, you’ll feel cleaner and fresher after sleeping in a clean bed every night.  Next, I would recommend washing your curtains and cleaning your window dressings.  This is particularly a great task if you plan on having company over in the next few weeks because it’ll make your home look and feel brighter and cleaner.  And it will also help keep the dust down in your home, which can actually help you feel less ill as the season rolls in.

With your linens freshened, you can begin to move on to your kitchen tasks.  I highly recommend deep cleaning your oven right now.  This is the ideal time because you most likely have a mess after Thanksgiving but you will need your oven for Holiday cooking.  So, whether you choose to clean it with harsh chemicals or with natural ones, right now is the best time to prepare your oven and deep clean it in between the major holidays.  I wouldn’t recommend waiting too long to clean it as it will become more imperative as time rolls along.

On top of cleaning your oven, I also recommend cleaning and organizing the pantry.  Most likely the weather has turned cold and outdoor visits are becoming less frequent.  To occupy your time inside, I highly recommend cleaning your pantry and organizing it.  Often, I find that I come across canned goods and non perishables I can donate to a charity during holiday events within my pantry.  These are typically extra cans of beans or vegetables, packages of Mac N Cheese that get slipped into the cart by my husband from time to time, and other canned goods that have accumulated in the last six months in my pantry.  Rather than keeping them anymore, I often prepare them to go to the needy and free up the space in my pantry.

I also take the opportunity to donate any appliances or utensils that haven’t been used in the last year.  My thought is if I haven’t used it in the last year and it doesn’t hold any significance in our lives, then the item can be donated to someone who may need it and I can gain back space in my kitchen.  So, I highly recommend doing the same thing.  It’s also a good time to take stock of what you have or what you need.  Most likely, you’ve been asked a dozen times what you want or need.  Cleaning out your pantry and kitchen cupboards now will help you figure out what’s missing or what you can live without.

This also helps with planning your menu for holiday meals.  After cleaning out my pantry, for instance, I become more aware of what I have and what I don’t have.  This is ideal when planning my menu as it’s easier to shop for my ingredients due to the lack of ones from my pantry.  I also like to clean out my freezer and take inventory to ensure that I’m ready to buy what I need for my holiday meals.  But I also like to thoroughly clean out the fridge, clean under my kitchen appliances, and do a deep clean to my stove top.

Above all else, I like to vacuum my blinds, fan blades, vents, and lamps at this time as well.  Right now, your house most likely has dust accumulating in these places, and that dust can cause some seasonal allergies or illnesses.  I like to keep on top of this by taking my vacuum and dust rags to these areas in order to combat this issue.  I also like to wash down the kitchen cabinet and cupboard fronts in order to keep dirt and grime down.

Cleaning my doors, doorknobs, and light switches is important right now as this will help keep down the spread of infections and illnesses at this time of the year.  It also creates a more inviting home for guests by highlighting the cleanliness and comfort within the home.  And, as always, I like to clean the baseboards and walls, and I like to clean the rugs. Even though this is a lot to take on, tackling it now will ensure that your home is clean and ready for company as the major holidays draw near.

Until next time,



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