“Me” Time: Getting Time during the Holidays

Hello Readers!  Before December rolls in and things get crazy, I always try to think a few activities or things I want to do for myself when things get rough or hectic.  Trust me, I know how tough it can be for parents during the holidays, and we need a little personal time for ourselves.  So, let’s talk about what activities or things you can do to reset your mind and restore your soul.

Holiday Cards
Bear with me because I know this sounds crazy, but filling out holiday cards and writing holiday letters to send out really can be a good way to reset your mind and restore your soul.  For most of us, these letters are full of the positives of the year, so it should come as no surprise how these letters can restore the mind and soul.  By forcing yourself to maintain a positive message in your letters and focusing only on the positives in your life, you actually will realize the positives in your life.  This can really help put you in a better mood and can improve your holidays.

When I was younger, I often would go to the mall or walk around a festive plaza during the holidays to improve my mood.  I rarely ever purchased anything, but just being out in the world and seeing the displays did wonders for improving my mood and restoring my soul.  It brightened my day and reminded me of the joy the holidays can bring.  It can be difficult to feel better if finances are bringing you down, but I always just went for the scenery instead of the shopping and I had a fine time.  This is always a task I like to do, with or without kids in tow.

Holiday Baking
I love to bake, and making something festive for others, like sugar cookies or gingerbread houses, always brightens my spirits.  This is also a great activity to share and enjoy with your kids.  I don’t know what it is about the repetition of adding ingredients, shaping dough, and baking things that makes me smile and feel better about the world.  But this is one of the first activities I choose to do to restore myself for the holidays  Best of all, I can turn my “me” time into a gift for someone else.

Yes, I count this as a “me” time activity.  My favorite activity is to fix our tree.  Slowly, branch by branch, I work on making our tree look more realistic (fake ones can do it), and this activity is actually quite relieving.  I think it’s the OCD in me, but it can be soothing to straighten the branches and work them into a fuller looking tree.  On top of this, I love adding something new to our decor during the holidays.  And this always makes me feel more hopeful during the holidays.

Elf on the Shelf/Kid’s Shockers
Ok, I know some of you are dreading the Elf on the Shelf business, but there are some really fun things you can do with this as well as other festive toys.  I highly recommend getting festive plastic/plush toys and decor, like those found in the holiday section of a large store or the dollar store, and use them for some creative fun.  Bring them to life for your kids each morning with different scenarios like bathing in marshmallows, skiing in powdered sugar/flour, or having a marshmallow fight.  Watching your kids wonder about the toys can really restore your own sense of wonderment and joy about the holidays.

Okay, this is a no-brainer.  Of course I’m reading something right now!  But, right now I start to turn to more faith-based reading like Jan Karon or books like The Shack. These can really help to restore your faith in humanity and in the holiday season at this time of the year.  However, if you’re not really the reading type, I highly recommend the Hallmark Channel from now until the holidays.  You can guarantee at least one movie that will do the same thing for you.

Preparing for Next Year
Believe it or not, I have next year’s posts planned out, from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve 2017.  But, right now I begin to think of my goals for next year and my projects I want to work on.  Right now, I’m looking at diet possibilities for next year (Whole30, Paleo, Reboot, and my favorite 21 Day Fix).  I’m working on my Capsule Wardrobe (more to come on that later).  I’m thinking about my organization projects (Recipe index binder).  And I’m thinking of my faith and what I want to do there.  So, right now I’m looking into different ideas for inspiration and scrolling through my Pinterest page for more information.  And this helps me feel restores and reinvigorated to do the right thing every time.

And these are just a few of the activities I have planned for the next month to keep my spirits up during this crazy time of the year.  So, I hope I have inspired you to come up with some ways to restore your soul in the coming weeks.

Until next time,



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