Crafting with…Leaves and Twigs

Hello Readers!  I cannot say it enough: I love Fall!  Right now there are piles of colorful leaves in yards, the air is filled with the warm scent of burning firewood from the chimneys, the world is antsy to get to the holidays.  And me…well, I’m wearing a sweater and wrapped up in a quilt, curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee.  The aroma of a roast is filling my home while I watch the bright and vivid world change seasons outside my window.  And I’m eager to find some great craft supplies.

This is an excellent time to scavenge for craft supplies on a nature walk.  Most likely, there are fallen twigs and branches on the ground with the leaves.  These twigs are wonderful for some simple and country chic Fall decor for your home.  Add them to a galvanized bucket with some clear twinkle lights and they instantly add country charm to your porch.  Add them to a vase that’s one quarter full of Epsom salts and they instantly become the perfect tablescape for the winter months.

In past posts, I’ve mentioned that I got married in January a couple of years ago, ultimately because our original anniversary for dating was in late January and I wanted to keep the anniversary timing the same.  I’m actually one of those women that sucks at remembering birthdays and anniversaries, so it was easier for me to keep the date the same.  Anyway, our wedding theme was snowflakes, pine cones, and shades of blue.  Living close to the infamous Lake Tahoe meant that pine cones were easy to come by (hello conifers everywhere!).  We even scored some pineapple-sized cones from friends and travelers who picked them up on their tours of the lake.  Snow, of course, was intentional as we didn’t know what the season could bring upon our wedding day.  It turned out to be in the 40’s F and sunny with absolutely no snow on the ground, but it was still an easy touch to add to our theme.  And blue, of course, is a classic color for Winter.

Now, what surprised me is that my decorator added twigs and branches to this theme and it was gorgeous!  I, personally, hadn’t wanted quite the wedding we had as I had originally wanted to elope just to say that we eloped when people asked.  But, we held out and did the simple but still elegant wedding.  Our decorator did tablescapes with vases of Epsom salts and twigs that were beautiful and elegant while being a little country chic.

Since then, I’ve really come to love the look of twigs for a Winter tablescape or decor element.  And right now, these twigs are so easy to come by!  Now, if you aren’t sure about mixing Epsom salts and children, you can still use those twigs in another way that will add a little woodland decor to your home.  You can wrap them around candles or vases to give your home that woodsy cabin look that’s still a little country chic.

From the Fossil blog, found at Babble

This idea is one of many at Babble, but it’s so easy to do and requires very few  supplies.  You’ll need a couple of twigs, a candle (preferably a flameless one), a small saw like a jigsaw or ricksaw, some glue (hot glue is best), and a decorative ribbon (optional).  Line your twigs up and mark where they stand on the candle and then cut them (properly) with a saw.  You can also use a sharp knife on your cutting board, but be sure to follow safety first with any sharp object.  Once the twigs are cut, glue them to the candle and tie them with a ribbon around the structure.  This is just one way to bring that woodsy cabin feel to your own home!

Twig Wreath.JPG
Courtesy of the Painted Hive

Another craft I like for twigs comes from The Painted Hive.  This Starburst Twig Wreath is a great way to showcase Fall and Winter in your own home, and it can really add some flair to your entrance.  And, as Kris explains in her blog, this wreath costs very little to make and requires very few supplies.  But, with an upholstery tack, you can easily dress this up with a bow or a ribbon to highlight the seasons and the holidays!

With just a simple red or burlap bow this wreath could transition from Fall to Winter and would add a great festive touch to please your guests during the holidays.  As an added bonus, this could be used in place of your usual Christmas Wreath  for the entire season because it won’t brown like a normal wreath.  Plus, if you decide you hate it, it has only cost you a little time for the project so it won’t be too big of a deal if you toss it or use it for firewood.

As for leaves, the possibilities are endless!  I will say that mason-jar-leavesyou will most likely need Modge Podge for your leaves before you begin too many tasks as the leaves have a habit of drying out, cracking, and losing their color as the season goes on.  But, for some fantastic crafting ideas, check out this article on leaf crafts at Country Living.  The first craft to try, of course, is this cute Mason Jar candleholder with leaves and raffia ribbon.  This is a classic look that screams Fall, and who doesn’t love Mason Jars?  Again, this was found on the Country Living article.

leaf-pumpkinThis Leaf Pumpkin craft is absolutely adorable to me, and I think it would be a great option for the usual pumpkin in your own home, especially since you can let your kids decorate this one.  There’s something so warm and inviting about it that begs me to do this project myself, just because it’s so simple and would require very few supplies.  Plus, it would add an elegance to your Thanksgiving decor that would still be simple and fun for guests.  This project can be found via the Country Living article above.

There are still projects galore that you can do with leaves and twigs, and you can easily include your kids in these craft projects.  With twigs and leaves, the slightly imperfect and somewhat messy look that happens with kids’ crafts will play really well in that playful Woodland adventure decor, and your guests are most likely going to complement you on your skill level, which means it’s a must do for your to do list today!  Check out these sites listed in the article and gather up some Fall elements for the perfect Fall decor for your home!

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