Have You Tried…Running?

Hello Readers!  I know that I talked about walking a couple of weeks ago, and I want to discuss it once again, along with jogging and running, today.  I recently watched the documentary From Fat to Finish on Netflix and I was inspired by the story.  The documentary follows a group of 12 runners who compete in the Ragnar Relay Race from Miami to Key West in Florida.  What makes this group’s story so unique is that collectively they have lost 1,200 pounds by running.

Yes, they have all lost about 100 pounds each by running.  And they have kept it off.  This is an amazing and inspiring look at how running, jogging, and walking can get the weight off and keep it off.

Why am I inspired?  When I worked at my previous career, I spent fifty hours each week on my feet, walking and sometimes running in heels and dress shoes.  I was very tiny as a result of this, especially since I usually walked six miles each day.  When I left the job, I started gaining weight.  I marked it up to being pregnant and I tried to work out every day by swimming and talking strolls in the park, but I wasn’t nearly as active as I had once been and it showed.

I have spent the last year attempting to lose weight by dieting, by trying different exercise regimes, by trying out the gym.  But nothing has been very successful so far.  And then, at the start of this month, I began walking again.  I started with one mile every other day, or three to four times per week, and I have steadily increased it by one-quarter of a mile each week, though I may slow down a little, depending on how it goes.  But so far it’s been great.  While I haven’t weighed myself, mainly because I don’t want to lose my momentum if I haven’t lost weight, I do feel much better after my walks.  I feel vibrant and refreshed and energized, and I feel like I can keep this going.  I sweat and get my heart going, and I do feel lighter each day that I walk.  As I have mentioned, there’s a nearby lake that’s one mile all the way around that I use for my walks, along with my pedometer now that I’m walking one quarter extra per week.  But I also use a nearby high school track field because it’s flat and easy to use for measurements since one lap is one quarter of a mile.  But, when the weather is bad outside I don’t let it get me down or keep my from my walks; I just take to the indoors and make my way through the indoor mall in my area.  With a pedometer, I can easily measure my distance since one mile is approximately 2,000 steps.  Therefore, I know right now that I need to walk 3,500 steps to reach one and three quarter miles each trip.

But, enough about my walking.  Let’s talk about Running.  Running, and jogging, are a timeless exercise that people have been using to get into shape everywhere.  It’s relatively cheap and can even be free since it doesn’t require any extra equipment to perform.  It’s an aerobic exercise, which gets your heart pumping and increases your stamina.  And there are so many goals out there to help you achieve your success.  The most obvious goal is the races.  Starting with the goal of wanting to run in a 5K can really motivate you and is an attainable goal to begin your journey.  Even if you are obese, you can get there by just trying.  It takes time, but sticking with it can get the weight off and keep it off.

So, how do you start?  Each day, set a goal in mind for how far you want to go.  Maybe you can only run for five minutes before you’re winded in the beginning.  Maybe only a minute.  But just keep at it and push yourself every day to go a little further.  And before long, you’ll hit one mile without stopping.  And then it’s two miles.  And then a 5k.  And then a 10k, and a half marathon, and a marathon, and then a relay race.  It can be done.  It may not happen overnight, but it is possible.

That’s my goal right now.  I want to compete in a 5k again, and possibly even run one.  I’m starting with the walk to get back into the swing of things, but I want to eventually compete in a 5k and then work my way up through the goals to a relay race.  It may take me years, but it’ll be worth it in the end.  If nothing else, the weight loss will be worth every second that I’m on my feet.

Now, I know some of you think you can’t go for a run because you have kids to care for, just like I do.  There are still a few options for you.  If you have daycare services, use them.  You may only have an extra half hour of time, but that’s still plenty to get jogging.  If you live close to your daycare, why not jog there from home?  Change into your jogging clothes and pick up your kid that way.  Not only will you get your workout in but you will also get your kids active by walking home with them.  Have a child under three?  Put your stroller to use and take them along.  They’ll enjoy being able to see the world go by them while you push them along, and it helps them get fresh air and sunlight.  You can try going before work or after work, as well, since it only takes about a half hour to jog or run.  You can even log steps during your lunch break.  And make the most of your weekends.  Aim to get more steps in on your days off in order to stay active.

Most of all, never let any excuse keep you from being active.  I let the excuses pile up until I could no longer use them and I got moving.  And be sure to check out From Fat to Finish on Netflix today.  It will inspire you, I guarantee it.

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