Shopping Tip: Pre-holiday shopping

Hello Readers!  With Halloween in less than a week, most of us aren’t ready to even think about the holidays, much less start shopping for them.  But, now is the best time to start thinking about your holiday shopping in order to score some of the best deals before too long.

I know.  A lot of you are probably saying that I’m crazy, thinking about the holidays before it even should be a thought in my head.  But the fact is that now is a good time because with a little early planning and some pre-shopping, I am able to score a lot of great deals on things for the holidays.  So, what do I mean by this?  Well, let’s take a look.

First of all, I have researched what’s on sale each month in order to best prepare for the sales and for the deals I need on gifts.  In October, a lot of larger items go on sale: home appliances, electronics, bikes, and even vacations.  Stores everywhere are trying to prepare for their 2017 stock of new electronics and appliances, and so they will have steep discounts on their 2016 models still left in the store.  What does this mean for you and me?  Sales and saving money.  In some instances, you may be able to get a new laptop for less than $350.  About two years ago, my old laptop started to suffer issues, but I kept it going until October and I was able to get a high end HP laptop for half the price because of the sales.  As for vacations, a lot of travel agencies and destinations (such as Disney, Sandals, and cruise lines) are suffering from a major lull in business right now; they are in between two major travel periods–Summer and Holiday–and you can likely score a steal on a vacation package right about now.  Granted, it will mean pulling your kids out of school to attend, but it can make a huge difference on your pocket while still allowing you to provide a unique experience for your family.

So, what I like about starting my shopping early is that I can likely find some great gifts and dirt cheap prices, or I can really stretch my dollar for everyone on my list.  This is the time I focus on getting the big ticket items like new kitchen appliances for the women in my family (can you say Kitchenaid?), bikes for kids and adults, a new computer or camera, and vacations for after the holidays (say, in February or March, before Spring Break but after the Holiday season).  Now, you may be thinking “That’s great, but where do I store it until Christmas”. Well, some stores do still have layaway, and they will honor their sales throughout that layaway period.  While you may have the money up front (I hope), this is a good “storage” option as you can keep it there as long as you make payments to the store on your items.  For more information, check with the store’s customer service desk to see if they offer this service.  If they don’t, then ask your friends or family if you can store the gift item in their shed or garage.  Grandparents love to be a part of the surprise, and if they can hold onto the bike or new laptop for your kids then they will most likely say yes.

So, October is also a great time to buy jeans, which I know we all need.  Clothing companies have a surplus of clothes for back-to-school shopping, even for adults as they plan for college kids, too.  And in October, those companies wind up with an overstock of jeans, as well as other articles of clothing (especially as the summer clearance sales are still around).  Stores are trying to get rid of this overstock and get their Fall seasonal clothing out, so this is a great time to get your jeans at steep discounts.  If you play your cards right, you can send your kids in shorts and capris or leggings until October, when the weather first starts to change (we only saw the temperatures dip from 80’s and 90’s to 60’s a week or two ago), and they you can get their brand new jeans at a fantastic price right when they are needed.  You may have missed the opportunity this year, but this is something to keep in mind for next year.

Of course, we all know that Columbus Day sales are fantastic for scoring some great deals, but don’t feel bad if you missed the opportunity to cash in on those savings for your holidays, because we still have lots of sales between now and Christmas.  Sadly, however, the next big sale happens to be on a very important holiday in the U.S.: Veteran’s Day.  Yes, Veteran’s Day sales will be upon us very soon.  I, personally, do not shop on Veteran’s Day whatsoever; instead, we head out to pay our respects and honor our veterans at the Veteran’s Day parade (never any treats for the kids but always to honor our country’s military) and to visit with veterans that we know.  But, I can’t talk about holiday shopping options without at least mentioning the sales, even if I don’t partake in them.

So, what can you get in November that’s on sale?  Well, televisions and entertainment electronics like gaming systems and whatnot are going on sale this month for two reasons: for the holiday shoppers and to move last year’s models out to make way for new models.  So this is a great time to cash in on that plasma tv your husband has been eyeing for months!  Just don’t let him near the checkbook or he’s liable to ruin his holiday!

Linens and bedding will also go on sale this month as we prepare to change out our cooler weather bedding for warmer weather gear, so you are likely to find some heavenly bedding at fantastic prices.  And, believe it or not, women’s shoes go on sale in November, so if you can wait until November to buy those adorable calf boots I would definitely do so.  I, unfortunately, did not wait to cash in on those boots I’ve been eyeing for months now.  But, I did cash in on an early sale on them and got mine at half price during a Fall season sale early this month.  However, there are some cute flats that I drooled over all summer that I’m keeping my eye on as November draws near so that I can snatch those up on sale, too.

And, just like the stores are trying to get rid of this year’s stock in order to bring in next year’s products, the same can be said about wedding dresses.  Yes, wedding dresses.  This year’s styles are going up for sale to make way for the latest style in January, after most brides receive their engagement rings over the holidays.  I was lucky to score in one of these sales with my own dress a couple of years ago because I got engaged on my birthday in late August and had planned for a late January wedding.  My dress, a sleeved number with tons of lace, heavy silk, and mother-of-pearl details everywhere, was half price due to the sales, and it was gorgeous albeit heavy!  But it was worth every penny and it truly fit with our Winter wedding.  Now, while you may not be a blushing bride yourself, you may have a sibling who is preparing for their nuptials that could definitely appreciate this sale, so it’s always good to know about when those sales are happening in order to make an appointment.  However, get them in for the fitting and scheduled that appointment as soon as possible.  These sales fill up fast, and those appointments are very hard to come by in November!

So, keep in mind when the sales will be from now until the holidays, and check out the store ads and websites to see what’s on sale at those times.  Here are just a few sales coming up to keep your eyes open and ready:

  1. post-Halloween clearance in November (candy, Halloween decor for next year, etc)
  2. Veteran’s Day sales
  3. Black Friday sales
  4. Cyber Monday sales
  5. Thanksgiving clearance sales (Thanksgiving/Fall decor for next year–if you can, pick up an extra turkey or ham to have for Christmas dinner while there on sale before Thanksgiving)
  6. Holiday Sales

I hope that this will help you prepare a little for your own holiday shopping and, hopefully, you can cash in on the savings during the holidays.

Until next time,



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