Frugality 101: Decorating on a Dime

Hello Readers!  Now I love Fall, and I used to love decorating for Halloween when I was younger, but it wasn’t always easy to do so on a college budget.  However, I did find some great ways to decorate for the holiday while not spending a lot of much-needed cash.  So let’s take a look at a few great choices for decorating on a dime.

Frankenstein Door.  I will be honest.  When I was in college, Ifrankenstein-door had a green door on our townhouse, but I never even thought about doing something like this.  However, I did a jack ‘o lantern depiction with black construction paper and tape.  What I love about this project is that you can put it on almost any door, and all you need are construction paper, scissors, and tape.  Most of us can find those supplies among our kids’ crafts, so this is a really inexpensive way to bring the holiday to your home.  For more information on doing this Frankenstein door, check out Home Jelly’s blog.

Jack O’ Lanterns.  These, of course, are a holiday favorite.  These are a fun way to include your kids in the decor because you can let them create their own pumpkin.  Of course, this project can be messy and it will take some supervision, especially when knives are involved.  But you can let them create their own design and put tea lights in them for the holiday.  Even though real candles are classic, I would recommend getting some LED lights instead.  Nonetheless, this decorating idea has the potential for a lot of family fun and learning opportunities.  To start, there’s the Fall Bucket List check off for visiting a Pumpkin Patch, as discussed in my recent blog about the Fall Family Bucket List.  Then, there’s the family fun in decorating a Jack O’ Lantern as well as the cheap decor for the holidays, and then there’s the potential to teach them science with the pumpkins afterward, as I explain in last week’s blog Crafting with Pumpkins.

Easy DIY Boo Sign.  I love this because it is so simple and so boo-halloween-door-signfestive!  And, best of all, it can be used on almost any door!  It also isn’t as crazy as a monster face, but it’s still a relatively easy way to add a little decoration that can be saved and used each year.  For more information, check out The Pinning Mama and her blog about creating this sign.


Floating Ghost Heads.  I will admit, this decor idea is pretty scary, and it has the potential floating-head-hanging-ghostsof causing some real nightmares for little kids.  But it looks like it would be perfect for the holiday!  I can imagine this for a porch added with a tinted light bulb  in purple or blue for an even more ghostly effect.  Check out how to make this at Simply Designing’s blog.


So, here are just a few easy ideas to add some Halloween fun to your own decor.  For more DIY ideas for the holiday, check out this post from Country Living.  They have DIY projects to fit any budget, and their decorating ideas are sure to inspire you to try something new for your own home.  So, tell me Readers, how else do you decorate your home for Halloween on a small budget?  I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,



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