“Me” Time: Documentaries

Hello Readers!  I know that when you typically think of “Me” Time, you may not think of watching documentaries, but I will say that I find them the perfect outlet for me at times.  For one, the nature documentaries like Planet Earth or any narrated by David Attenborough are fascinating and so colorful, and they ease my mind because of the brightness and natural wonder displayed in them.  And, they often motivate me to enjoy the outdoors more.

Another great perk about nature documentaries like Planet Earth is that they are fantastic for kids, too.  Planet Earth, especially, is a great nature documentary for kids because, while it does show some violence, its explanation of the circle of life and of prey v. predator help educate kids about how the natural world operates.  And it has some of the best photography I have ever seen with regard to the natural wonder of Earth.  Even if you use it to entertain your kids while you grab a little time to yourself, it’s an outstanding choice of “screen time” for your kids because it’s educational.  Each segment is about an hour long, so they are perfect for finishing up any housework and preparing dinner while the kiddos are entertained by the nature documentary.

But I also like other types of documentaries for myself and for my “me time” every now and again.  Some of my favorite documentaries are more exposition ones, like My 600 Pound Life and Hoarders: Buried Alive.  Both types of documentaries motivate me to change my daily actions in order to avoid being featured in their shows.  And it really does motivate me to scrub my house from ceiling to baseboard and tile grout after watching another hoarder hang onto the garbage in their filthy and decrepit homes.  As for My 600 Pound Life, I love seeing the positive changes of people who decide to do something better for themselves.  It makes me happy to see them succeed.

Although they aren’t really documentaries, I do like some reality television shows, too.  But, as much as my husband Ryan and I used to love watching Big Brother on air, I have to admit that I have recently become a fan of a different kind of “reality tv show” with contestants and a winner.  In fact, I have recently fallen in love with The Great British Baking Show from PBS.  What I love about this show is that the contestants are cordial and supportive of one another rather than catty and strictly competitive, as we see in American reality tv shows.  To add to that, I love almost everything British.  So, learning more about their cuisine and baked goods (which do, in fact, differ from American ones) is always fun for me.  As an added bonus, it’s another kid-friendly show, as are almost all shows from PBS.

And while I’m on the topic, I’ll tell you that I love PBS shows, especially the baking and crafting ones.  I grew up watching Sewing with Nancy in the afternoons on PBS, and I never missed an episode of Baking With Julia Child nor of Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.  I even watched Molto Mario with Mario Batali.  So, even their more “adult” shows can be great for kids because they can instill a passion for learning in kids.  And, in our area, we actually have documentaries on PBS about our region and our state.  So, I would recommend checking out your local PBS station yourself; you will find a wide variety of shows that are educational and entertaining for yourself and your family.  And they always have a special on national holidays, complete with symphonies, and it’s great for kids to learn more about our national holidays and their meaning.

But, back to documentaries for “Me Time”.  I do avoid the more theatrical ones, like Farenheit 9/11, Supersize Me!, and other similar documentaries.  It isn’t because of politics or because I choose to stay naive to concerns.  It’s that I don’t agree with the “conspiracy theory” type of documentary.  And, they sometimes backfire.  When I first saw Supersize Me!, I wanted a Big Mac the entire time.  It’s crazy, but it’s true.  That being said, I do watch some of these, but I prefer to maintain neutrality in this topic to avoid isolating any of you.  Nonetheless, I also am not a fan of these more theatrical documentaries because I wouldn’t feel comfortable if our son Sean saw some of them, and I don’t trust these kinds to stay kid-friendly.

For the most part, I try to stick to the ones features on PBS or nature documentaries because I would want to share them with Sean and I don’t feel uncomfortable if he watched them at a young age.  And so, I encourage you to check them out yourself and begin sharing a passion for these documentaries and educational programs with your own family.

Until next time,



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