Decor & More: Falling for Fall

Hello Readers!  Once again, I have to tell you how much I love this time of year!  The temperatures are cooling, the leaves are changing color, the air is crisper, the beloved scent of the home fire is starting to linger around.  The tastes of Pumpkin Spice, Butternut Squash, and hearty stews are starting to appear, and I can finally relax!

Fall is our time to slow down after a busy summer, and it’s time to welcome it into our homes.  As always, decor is the best way to show your love of Fall.  So, let’s turn our focus to what represents Fall.  Whenever I think about decor and Fall, I think of the brown, orange, red, and yellow leaves that have fallen from the trees, burlap, twigs, and mason jars.  I think of country decor, of milk jugs and galvanized buckets, of pumpkins and gourds and apples, and of scarecrows and turkeys.

Before you jump in your car and spend hundreds of dollars at your favorite decor store, we should turn our focus to less costly ways to decorate for the season.  The most obvious is with the natural elements.  At this time of the year, trees are losing their leaves and there are small twigs breaking off as trees begin to grow and lose some of the branches and twigs that didn’t produce during the warmer months.  You can often find perfect Fall leaves and twigs for free on a nature walk with your family.  You can even make it a scavenger hunt by having your kids find the twigs and leaves that you can use to decorate your home.  There is just one problem with those leaves, they have a tendency to dry out and crack after awhile, and they tend to dull out in just a couple of days.  Modge podge can prevent this, but it will require them to be stiff.  If you plan on using them for something where they need to be flexible, or you need them to keep their colors while not stiff, then you may want to turn to your local dollar store first.

The other day, I was in my local dollar store with my mom when I saw a bag of fake Fall leaves in stock.  For a dollar, I could buy fifty flexible Fall-colored leaves for my crafts and decor projects.  Talk about a score!  What I like about using these fake leaves over using real leaves is that some projects require your leaves to be intact.  Real leaves may be beautiful in color, but they have a tendency to either be wet from the world outside and unusable in projects, or they tend to crack and be useless for projects.  These fake leaves are perfect for modge podge, for accents, and for stenciling.  I would highly recommend buying these before spending a ton of money on leaf-designed decor or on fake leaves in your craft store.

Burlap and Fall-driven ribbon is also a key product that I found at my local dollar store.  This is a fantastic find because this can be costly.  I was also able to find mason jars, vases, glass dishes, and other useful crafting supplies at my dollar store.  I would highly recommend starting in your favorite dollar store first before you shop elsewhere for supplies.

One cautionary note about shopping at dollar stores, however: I would definitely price check before you buy.  Mason jars are a hot item now, and for a good reason.  They are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide variety of crafting projects, cooking recipes, and storage ideas.  However, they are a dollar a piece in dollar stores.  But, you can buy a case of them at a large department store like Walmart or Target for less than a dollar a piece.  Even if you don’t think you will use them all, I recommend buying a case of them.  They will come in handy and can be used in so many different ways that having a couple on hand just in case can be a life saver.  If nothing else, use them for a Mason jar salad to take to work or to the park!

My next recommendation for Fall decor is to finally check your favorite craft store for ideas.  Flowers, of course, are always nice.  But unless you plan on spending money every week for a fresh Autumn bouquet of flowers, you may want to skip the flower decorations.  Fake bouquets can look dull and drab, and the silk flowers tend to attract dust.  Instead, turn your attention to other foilage options to dress up your home.  As mentioned, twigs are fantastic starters in a glass milk jug or galvanized bucket, and those can be found in your own yard.  But you can also use cotton branches, wheat strands, straw strands, and other non-floral fillers in buckets for decor.  For your table, you can always use mini pumpkins and gourds, even the fake ones, to bring the colors to your tablescape.

The key to decorating for the Fall is natural and warmer colors.  I recommend starting with your own backyard before turning your attention to your local dollar store, then to the department and craft stores.  And be sure to check out my Pinterest page for ideas and craft projects, under “Fall Fun and Decor” board.

Until next time,



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