Have You Tried…Weights?

Hello Readers!  I was recently thinking back to my high school days, and I started thinking back to my Senior year when I took Weight Training instead of Physical Education.  I miss those days: I had a perfectly toned tummy then, and I owed it all to Weights.

Weight Training, or Weights, is often misrepresented.  While it is true that it is most often used by bodybuilders, it is not discriminatory.  In other words, even a petite woman like myself can do weight training.  Yes, it does require a gym or a gym membership, but it can actually be useful in toning those muscles and getting that great flat tummy you see on stars and trainers.

So, what do you need to do weight training?  Obviously, you need weights and equipment.  This can be costly if you buy it yourself.  This may be the only time I recommend using a gym membership for this workout.  However, I will say that if you are considering adding Weights to your regime, then you most likely have a gym membership or you work out frequently enough to find a membership practical.

If you don’t have a membership, let me tell you a little about it.  I have one, currently, that will expire mid November.  My membership was $200 for the year, which is a pretty low cost for a membership.  While the gym I attend isn’t open 24/7, it is open enough for me to go.  However, a typical gym membership at a 24/7 gym runs around $35 per month.  That’s a week’s worth of lattes.  To be able to work out in a gym on their maintained equipment whenever you want.  It’s definitely worth the price if you are already working out at home or if you already attend a gym on a regular basis.

With this, I highly recommend using a personal trainer for Weight Training, and they can easily get you started on your path.  Most gyms with personal trainers available will offer one free consultation with a personal trainer each year, and this is a great time to look into Weights.  More often than not, the personal trainer will direct you to the machine-led weights, which is perfectly acceptable and can result in less injury.  The key here is to consult a personal trainer for guidance and help.  Weights can be tricky, and you can end up with some serious permanent injuries by not consulting a professional.  Think of it like any sport: if you don’t learn from a coach or a consultant on the proper technique, it can really mess up your game.  Another reason to consult a trainer is that they can ensure that you get the most out of your Weight Training.

Now, for the most part, you can manage doing Weights on your own without a trainer after the initial consultation as long as you get started on working with weights properly.  I would, however, recommend consulting with a trainer about once a month to once every three months to ensure that your training progresses or is maintained when you feel comfortable.  A personal trainer runs about $50 per session, so this is a little more expensive.  But, they can help you get the most out of Weights and get the toning you want.

Regardless, once you get started you want to take it slow on building up your weight limit.  A typical bench bar, used for bench presses, incline presses, and decline presses as well as some squats and curls, is 50 pounds on its own.  You don’t want to add another 50 pounds until you’re ready, or you can wind up hurting yourself or someone else.  Therefore, make sure you’re comfortable with the weight on the bar before you increase your amount.  That’s key to Weight Training.  It may take a month to get to the point that you can add more weight initially, but after that you should expect to increase your weight limit by five pounds every 2 or 3 weeks.

Along with these precautions, I do want to urge you to consult with your physician before you start Weights to ensure that you have no limitations, always let your trainer know of any health concerns, and always use a spotter than can handle taking the weight if something goes wrong.  And, finally, remember that unless you plan to be a body builder, you should plan on doing Weight Training only three to four times a week.  I recommend rotating it with endurance or cardio workouts and flexibility workouts like Yoga or Pilates.  This will help you maintain your toning, keep our muscles loose and less prone to injury, and increase your heart health and endurance for a more well-rounded workout regime.  It will also keep you from bulking up too much and help you prevent from tiring easily when having fun with your family.

I do love Weights, and I know that it’s a great addition to your workout regime because it helps you build stronger and better muscles.  I highly encourage you to consider it when planning your next workout strategy.  Just remember that it takes time to do and that you shouldn’t jump into it without consulting professionals and getting proper training for the workout.  This may be the only time that I ever recommend spending the money for an exercise or workout regime, but this is one area that requires a lot of education and training before attempting to create your own workout.  Still, it’s worth it to look into it for your own body.

Until next time,




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