DIY: Dressings and Seasonings

Hello Readers!  Let me ask you something.  The last time you were at the supermarket, did you happen to see how much a package of taco seasoning costs these days?  Chances are, you may have thrown it in your basket without a second thought to its cost, or you have seen that it goes for an average of $1.50 per package.  That may not seem like a lot, but if you add it up it could cost you about $40 a year if you do tacos about twice a month.  And that’s just taco seasoning!  What about fajita mix or gravy mix or sloppy joe mix or chili mix…the cost could be atrocious.  And, sadly, most of the ingredients needed to make these mixes you already have on hand, getting stale in your spice cabinet.

That’s right.  The same ingredients used for these seasoning packets are in your spice cabinet.  So, really, you’re paying double and throwing most of it out since most of us rarely use all of our spices and herbs before their expiration.  And most of those spices, even for a little jar, can cost about $6.00.  So, you pay $1.50 for your seasoning packets and you end up throwing $6.00 away, thus costing you $4.50.  And before you say “Well, why not do away with my spices and buy packets of seasoning instead” consider this: most of the seasoning packets, including the famous McCormick seasonings, can contain MSG and other additives.  Plus, think about how often you have used cumin, or paprika, or garlic powder.  If you cook as often as I do, which is at least five dinners a week plus breakfast and lunch every day, then you probably use these ingredients every week.  So, why not put them to use instead of tossing them out every six months?

So, below is a list of seasoning packets that you can make from home, along with a site to each of the seasoning blends for you to use:

  1. Taco Seasoning- The Pioneer Woman
  2. Fajita Seasoning (Marinade and Dry)- The Peaceful Mom
  3. Spaghetti Seasoning- Just a Pinch
  4. Sloppy Joe Seasoning- The Log Home Kitchen
  5. Meatloaf Seasoning-
  6. Enchilada Seasoning- Kandy Kreations
  7. Chili Seasoning- Sal on

And, for an extra bonus, I’m including recipes for homemade salad dressings here as well:

  1. Homemade Ranch Dressing- Ree Drummond of Food Network
  2. Thousand Island Dressing- Kitchen Treaty
  3. Honey Mustard Dressing- The Food Network Kitchen
  4. Italian Dressing- Debby at
  5. Greek Goddess Dressing-My
  6. Healthy Dressing recipes, including Herb Ranch- Love to Be Fit with Liz

I hope these recipes will inspire you to look beyond the seasoning packet and save some money while still enjoying the flavors.

Until next time,



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