Shopping Tip: Labor Day Sales

Hello Readers!  Well, it’s almost time for those fabulous Labor Day sales.  If your house is anything like mine, you’ve probably received the flyers in your paper reminding you about all of the sales happening this weekend, or you’ve seen the commercials during your favorite shows telling you all of the wonderful products you can get at a great price!  And, trust me, this is the time to start cashing in on those savings.  Your wallet will thank you for it.

What I love about the Labor Day sales is that I can score some great finds for my holiday shopping before the mad rush of holiday shopping.  Yes, I did say that: holiday shopping.  You may think I’m crazy to start my holiday shopping at the beginning of September, but hear me out before you completely discount it.

By now, you’ve enjoyed all that summer has to offer and you’ve returned to your school year routine.  But, you’ve probably heard at least one person lament over wanting a summer item that is always so expensive during the summer, such as a new barbecue grill or a patio set.  Those items can be hard to think of purchasing on a whim in the summer time, and if you’re like me you watch your pennies carefully.  But the Labor Day sales can be the time to save the most on those items.  Most stores are trying to clear out their summer inventory before the holiday shopping season begins.  They want to get the old out and the new in, so some of those big ticket items from summertime may be discounted up to 60 or 75 percent off their original retail price.  For the most part, I figure a 40% savings is still a great bargain for those items.  If you’re purchasing for someone like your parents or in laws, the best plan is to cover those items and store them away.  But, if you’re purchasing for your spouse, you may want to find out about any layaway options your local stores offer.  Some of them won’t honor the sales for layaway items, but most should allow you to place the items on layaway.  This can be an effective way to keep those items from prying eyes.

You may also see a lot of gardening supplies and summer clothes go on clearance now, so this is a great time to pick up those supplies.  I would highly recommend getting some pots, seeds, and gardening tools right now, if you have the room, and storing them away until next Spring, when you can plant them.  Besides being on sale, those items are easy to come by right now but they may not be in early Spring.  And, because they are on sale, you can get them for low prices right now when stores like Walmart are trying to clear out their inventory to make way for their holiday gear.  Places like Lowe’s and The Home Depot will also have some great sales on those items, too, as they will be trying to make way for their Winter supplies.  It’s also a good time to replace any summer clothing you may need.  You may have outgrown your swimsuit or your flip flops may be too worn to wear again, and now is a great time to replace them before storing them for the colder months.  Best of all, you can typically get these items for 50 to 75 percent off their original price.  Any higher in price and you might as well wait until late Spring next year.

Kitchen goods go on sale this month, so now is a good time to buy that great set of Farberware or Rachel Ray pans that you’ve eyed in the department stores over the months.  This may be a good time to replace yours, before you start cooking in them every day and find out that you need a new skillet, or to purchase as a holiday gift for your sister.  I like to start thinking about what items are on sale right now that I would like to give as gifts and purchasing a small amount of them now, when sales are good and money isn’t flying out the window for the holiday purchases that come up, because it means I won’t have to worry about buying them later or racking up debt on our holiday shopping.  By purchasing some of the items now, such as kitchen goods for all the cooks and moms in my life, I can save myself the hassle and money later when I have other purchases to make.  Plus, October is a crazy month in my family with at least one birthday or anniversary each week, sometimes two in the same week.  Now is the best time for me to buy those gifts when things are on sale and can be easily given.

The last item that I would seriously consider at this time of the year is a new(er) car.  Right now, dealerships are going to drop the prices on models from this year in order to make room for next year’s models, and they need to clear out their inventory fast.  In fact, most dealerships may already have a couple of next year’s models out on the floor to get some pre-year sales going, but they will still be making deals on this year’s models in preparation of next year.  If you are smart about it, you can start saving your money right now (about 350 to 500 per month, or the cost of monthly payments), save for an entire year, and have a great down payment on a car for next year’s sales.  It could be the difference between getting a standard model (SX, mostly, and has very few features) and a luxury model (LX, mostly, and has all the features) in some instances, or it could mean 20 percent down on a extended model (EX, mostly, and has most or some features) of a car.  As a bonus, you might be able to get a great deal and have even more taken off the price right now as the dealerships prepare to clear out their inventory, and you might even score that great Luxury sedan at the extended model’s price!

Aside from these sales that we should see this weekend, you should still see sales on school supplies right now, and you might still be able to score some clearance sales on those school supplies.  By now, most kids are back in school and stores no longer have the big rush of frantic parents coming into their stores, so they may be desperate to make way for their holiday inventory.  If you were able to hold off on getting some of the supplies–items like spare pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, and pencil boxes or cute binders–this is a good time to look at stocking up on those supplies.  It’s also a good idea to buy extra, if you can, and store them for the rest of this year or for next year’s needs.  For those of you who, like me, have non school-age kids at home, you can also score some great finds for your crafting needs for your kiddos.  Crayons, glue, kiddie scissors, paper, and other art supplies are on sale right now, so you can stock up and have everything you need for the year right now.

So, tell me Readers, what sales do you look forward to right now?  What is your strategy for the Labor Day Sales?  Are you looking for certain items right now?  I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,





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