Step It Up! A Better Morning Routine

Hello Readers!  It’s a typical Friday morning in my household, around eight in the morning.  Even though I have scheduled this to go out ahead of time, I already know what my morning will look like.  My family will have had breakfast, with the dishes in the dishwasher already.  Our beds will be made.  I will be dressed, and my son will most likely be getting dressed or his clothes for the day will be laid out.  My one load of laundry for the day will be on its way to the washing machine, and my living room will be tidy. How do I know how this is how my house will look?  Easy: a better morning routine.

It wasn’t easy to get onto a better morning routine.  It has taken me months of work and trial by error to get better at this.  Even now my schedule and my routine are evolving based on my family and our needs.  In the last couple of weeks, our routines have really changed as we have begun sleep training our son and getting my son on a stable eating schedule rather than eating when he cries.  Since he is exactly one week (to the day) from his first birthday, we feel it’s important to get him on a better and more regular routine.  As an added bonus, we, too are getting on a better routine ourselves.

Why is this important to know that we are getting on a better routine?  It doesn’t matter.  But what is important to know is that you, too, can get a better routine, even if you have a baby at home like we do.  And it all starts with your mornings.

This is the tricky part.  Some nights are awful, and it can make the next day difficult to manage, especially the mornings.  Those bad nights might derail your routine from time to time, but it shouldn’t become the modus operandi for your mornings.  It’s important to plan on a better routine and stick to it, regardless of what happens.  The good news for you is that it only takes about 21 days-just three simple weeks-to make a new routine a regular habit.

So how do you get started on creating a better morning routine?  Well, do you recall my posts on routines- Setting up your routines: Back to School and Understanding Your Routine-in which I have repeatedly discussed organizing and preparing your routine based on your schedule.  This time, I want to take it a step further.  Now, I want you to think about what you do every day and log your schedule for a week.  By logging everything you do for a week, you can better understand how your day goes and how you spend your time.

After mapping out your week, think about how you want to spend your time.  Do you really want to spend your morning scrolling through your social media feeds for hours while your breakfast dishes sit in the sink, getting crusty and caked on?  Do you want to snap out of it at noon and realize that you are still in your pajamas, your kids need baths, the house is filthy, the laundry is overflowing, and the day is quickly slipping by?  Or would you rather sit down at ten in the morning, the dishes done, kids dressed and playing with their toys, beds made, you dressed and ready for the day, the one load of laundry drying in the dryer, and the house clean?  From experience, it’s fantastic to sit down at ten in the morning in a clean house with everything managed and the rest of the day for fun and activities, especially on a day like today-my birthday.

Now, once you have an idea of how you want your week to go, map it out on paper and hang it somewhere visible, like your fridge or your bathroom mirror.  And set your alarm for the time that you want to wake up.  Every day get up at that time, even if it’s a leisure day for you.   Even if you don’t get to your list in the first couple of days.  Wake up and try.  Over time, waking up and getting to your to-do list will become easier.  And as time goes on, you will get everything on your list done in a timely manner.

So, tell me, Readers, what do you always hope to get done each day?  Does it happen?  If not, what holds you back?  I would love to hear from you.

Until next time,



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