Finding Yourself: Spiritual and Bible Study

Hello Readers!  Today, I want you to think back to how you find “yourself”.  This is a tough topic, especially for us moms who spend our every waking moment-and sometimes our sleeping ones, too-caring for our kids and for our families.  We rarely have time to focus on ourselves, let alone think of finding the inner peace that we need.  But, let’s face it: we need to find that inner peace.  We need to find time to focus on ourselves, or things can go South very fast.

Whenever I think about finding myself, I know the answer can be found with God and with my spirituality.  I think back to my teen years when I was heavily involved in my church and in my faith.  I felt very in touch with God and with my spirituality.  While outsiders and authority-like figures at that time affected my involvement with my church and my faith center, I still kept my spirituality and my faith in God.  Sure, it can slip from time to time, and I sometimes can get mad about certain situations around me.  But, overall, my faith stays the same as it was almost two decades ago.

Now, I know some of you may not believe in God nor be Christians, and that’s fine.  I am not here to pressure anyone into a certain faith or a certain religion.  I, currently, am searching for a new religion for myself because I no longer feel I can relate to my childhood upbringing.  So, who am I to tell you what religion is better, or which entity in which to base your faith?

No, Readers, I want you to find your own religion or spiritual center.  Even if you can’t belief in any god or entity, nor pray to one, I want you to find a support network in which you can believe.  There are many humanitarian groups and support groups that exist for all kinds of people, and there are many different religious groups and sects to fit anyone’s interests.

Whatever belief system you find, I challenge you to find a spirit-based book that can help guide you through your beliefs.  And each week, read from that book.  You can choose to read for a specific amount of time or a certain number of pages or chapters.  The choice is yours.  I would recommend either reading for thirty minutes or a single chapter per week at the very least.  If you can swing it, I would try to shoot for three times per week.  The point behind this challenge is to help guide you through the process of finding yourself and finding your inner peace.

I’m not going to lie to you, Readers, this is going to be a long and tough road.  It will not happen overnight.  If it does, I would question your struggles.  It takes years to find yourself, and even I haven’t truly found myself.  But that happens; just when I feel like I might have found the answer to my life, everything gets turned upside down.  And I start all over again, feeling lost and unsure of where to start.

If you are unclear of where to start, turn to a student copy of your chosen faith or spiritual book.  I have news for you: those student copies aren’t just meant for your kids; they are meant for students of your chosen belief.  And in case you aren’t sure who qualifies as a student, let me tell you that everyone is a student of faith.  No one is a true expert, even the pastors or priests or other faith leaders are students in that faith.  So, feel free to turn to the student version of any faith book.

If you are still unclear of what to do next, or you aren’t sure of where to start, try an actual study class.  Most faith based groups offer adult study classes in their beliefs, and support groups speak for themselves.  And, as petty and shallow as it sounds, some of these study groups offer free childcare for the duration of the class.  If example, some bible study groups at churches will care for your children while you attend the class.  It shouldn’t be the primary reason to attend a faith-based study class, but it is a nice point for them since it means you don’t always have to pay for a sitter while attending.

Anyway, Readers, I hope you will take my advice and spend some time each week focusing on your faith and spirituality.  It can only help you find answers to your struggles and your issues.  So, tell me Readers, have you felt that sometimes your struggle with your spirituality?  How have you overcome your issues or struggles?  Please let us know.

Until next time,



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