Cleaning 101: Summer Cleaning

Hello Readers!  Well, we are just about six weeks away from the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn.  And while the last thing on our minds may be deep cleaning, right now is the best time to really start thinking about your summer cleaning.  The weather is still great outside, and this can be the perfect opportunity to get some great deals on some cleaning services that you’ve been putting off for awhile.  It’s also a great time to get your car in for a really deep cleaning that it desperately needs after all those trips to the beach or through the bug-infested miles on the road!  Here are a few checklist items to consider.

Personally, I like to clean my vents and fans at this time of the year.  While it’s still hot and the a/c is still on, this is a good time to clean out your duct work and ensure that your heating system is ready to go before you find yourself without heat at five o’clock on a Sunday evening in late October.  Have your HVAC system service now while it’s still warm; you will appreciate it when it’s time to make the switch to heating, and your HVAC specialist will appreciate it, too, since this tends to be a slower time for them rather than the first frost when people discover their broken systems.

Right now is also a great time to consider having your carpets and rugs deep cleaned.  It’s still warm enough to open windows and let the fresh air in to help dry your carpets after cleaning them, and the musty scent won’t set in like it will in the colder months.  Also, some cleaning companies may be experiencing a lull in business right now, so they may offer specials for their services right now.  Fair warning however: if you live in a college town or near a college, some companies may charge more for their services.  This is because many apartment complexes may be experiencing a turnover and may be employing these services to get apartments ready for the next batch of college kids.  Personally, I use my own machine.  I own an older Bissell QuickSteam that was $50 when purchased for my mom for Mother’s Day when I was 12.  Since then, my mom has gone to hardwood floors throughout her house and no longer needs the machine.  Since I used to borrow it every August to clean my carpets, she has since then passed it down to me.  And it still works like a dream!  So, if you also like to clean your carpets every year, investing in a machine might be worth the cost versus hiring someone to clean your carpets.

This is also a great time to clean out your medicine cabinet and replenish items that were used in the summer months.  You might have gone through your bottle of Waterbabies or used up the last of your Aloe Vera on that last burn this week, so now is a good time to replenish them before next summer.  With school just starting in some locations-such as here, where our county started school this Monday-or about to start in the next couple of weeks, now is a great time to make sure you are stocked and ready for kids to bring home the latest bug from their classmates.  Some items to consider: children’s pain reliever/fever reducer, cold and cough syrup, tissues, cough drops, tummy medicine-such as Pepto Bismol-and electrolyte fluids, bandages and ointments, and hot/cold compresses.

Cleaning out your closets right now is also a great item for your list.  Your kids have probably outgrown their summer clothes or there are several items that have been ripped, torn, stained, or faded with wear over the past few weeks.  If it isn’t destroyed by wear and tear, it most likely won’t fit next summer either.  Now is a good time to clean out their closets, assess their school-year needs, and hold a final garage sale.  Or you can donate it to your local favorite charity with a need for clothing items.

While we are on the topic of clothes, make sure you check your washing machine hoses for cracks and breaks before it’s cold outside and mildew issues become a nightmare.  Replace any cracked hoses immediately and avoid them breaking when you least expect it-like the middle of a snow storm just before Thanksgiving.  It’s also a good time to clean out the dryer duct and hoses to avoid a potential fire hazard, as well as clean the washing machine with bleach and vinegar-independently, of course.  As an added bonus of cleaning your machines will be a higher efficiency, especially with the dryer.  I have always found that my dryer operates better when it’s maintained on a regular basis, and my washing machine doesn’t have that mildew smell that older machines can get when not maintained, even though it’s an older machine.

So, these are a few suggestions I have for your Summer cleaning list.  What cleaning tasks do you perform in summertime?

Until next time,



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