Reading Pick: The Chocolate Lovers’ Club

Hello Readers!  Well, I will admit that I am a bookworm.  I love reading!  And I love to share some of my favorite books with others.  So let me tell you about a book I just finished reading that I fell in love with: The Chocolate Lovers’ Club by Carole Matthews.

Chocolate Lovers

In this novel, you will learn about four different women with very different lifestyles and problems.  There’s the sweet Autumn, who comes from money yet works with recovering addicts and tries to deal with her drug-addicted brother.  There’s Nadia, the SAHM with money problems and a husband with a gambling addiction.  There’s the American Chantal, who gets caught up in a tangled mess of an affair.  And there’s Lucy–the main character–who juggles a cheating boyfriend and an obsession with her boss.

This novel flows so well that I was so sad to read the end and know that the story was over.  I have since learned that there are sequels and that this book is the first in a series about these characters.  So, I will have to find the other books and read them because I absolutely loved this novel!

One of the things I love about this novel is the relatability to the main characters.  In Autumn is the humanitarian in all of us, the parts of us that feel sympathy for our fellow man. The do-gooder in us that moves us toward volunteering because we have been so blessed in our lives and we know that there are those that go with less and that appreciate our help.  With Nadia is the mom that tries to hold it all together during desperate times.  The self-sacrificing parent that constantly worries if her best is good enough.  In Chantal is the self-reflective and somewhat self-centered person within us, the one that feels like we are living a lie from time to time because we try to show the outside world only the good points in our lives.  The snapshots that make us look glamorous and Pinterest-worthy.  And in Lucy is the somewhat flighty and naïve soul inside all of us that wants to see the good in everyone until they break our hearts beyond repair.  Each character is relatable and is very complex.  Each main one has layers upon layers to them, like an onion.

Now, a few things to warn you about.  This novel includes a lot of talk about chocolate, and all you want to do while you read this novel is eat pounds of chocolate.  My sweet tooth was going nuts with this novel!  I craved chocolate the entire time, and I nearly gained five pounds while reading this book.  So, fair warning: this book will induce chocolate cravings!  Read at your own risk!

There are also some adult themes within this novel.  Adultery, Extortion, Addiction, Drug trafficking. These issues are all found within this novel.  And while cheating and adultery are frowned upon (even in the novel), not every cheater comes clean.  It does question the existence of these issues in the world, and the novel sheds light on the fact that everyday people suffer from these conditions.

One last warning to give you is that a couple of the characters are stock-like.  The owners of Chocolate Heaven in the novel are your typical stock gay men, fabulous limp hands and all.  The cheating ex-boyfriend is your stock sleazeball, wimpering beg for forgiveness and all.  The extortionist is your typical smarmy, oily slimeball.  And so on.  It’s tough to feel for a few of the characters outside of the four women, and it’s difficult to understand why the women interact with these characters in different situations, too.

All in all, I highly recommend this novel for its context and its humor.  I loved the main characters, and I felt I could relate to them and to their various situations.  So, tell me Readers, have any of you read this novel?  What was your response to it?  Do you have any novels to recommend to me?  I would love to hear from you!

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