Crafting With…Cards

Hello Readers!  Now all of us receive cards for various reasons during the year.  We get Mother’s Day cards, birthday cards, Holiday cards, thank you notes, and even sometimes we get romantic cards for Valentine’s Day.  Often, we love the look and decor of the cards, but we don’t know what to do with the cards other than let them become more clutter in our busy lives until someone finally throws them out, unbeknownst to you.

I know about this because I’ve had it happen to me in the past. The difference is that I was typically the one who threw all of my old received cards during what I called “the purge”.  And then, something happened that changed my perspective about my collection of cards from others.  I was taking an Intro to Special Education class in order to get my teaching license, and my professor assigned us the task of making an art book with a set theme to it.  As part of our assignment, we were asked to use household materials to make our art books, which were more like scrapbooks.  My theme for that book was “Falling for Fall”. Shortly thereafter, I received a Halloween card from my niece and nephew with the perfect pumpkin on it that matched my theme, and I used it.  And I realized then that I had a use for my old cards: arts and crafts.

art book.jpg

Scrapbooking is one of the many uses of old cards, and it’s very convenient for this crafting project.  They create a unique design that can help the scrapbook achieve uniformity.  They can also lend to separating sections into their respective seasons with holiday-based cards, or they can be used to emphasize certain events in your life.


Another great use of old cards is to frame them for art around your home.  This is framed cardsespecially great to make different framed greeting cards based on each season or holiday that can be displayed at different times of the year.  It’s a great, low cost, and creative craft project that helps use up those fantastic cards rather than ending up at the bottom of your trash can (and in a landfill)!

So if you want to use these cards for these reasons, then feel free to create one of these great DIYs on a rainy day.  And if you want some other great ideas, check out this article from Recycled Crafts on other uses for greeting cards.  And, dear readers, I would love to hear from you of any ideas you may have for using old greeting cards in creative ways.

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