“Me” Time: Finding Time in Your Busy Day

Hello, Readers!  Well, the truth is out: Moms are busy people!  Even SAHMs like me are busy with the full-time jobs of caring for our kids as well as maintaining our households.  WAHMs, or work-at-home-moms, typically have it harder because they have to juggle kids and work at the same time.  And working moms have it harder still because they typically work a full time job and then come home to pull full time duty with child care and household management.  We moms are stretched thin with our time.  But we still need to remember to take some time for ourselves every day, if only to keep our sanity.

This is typically the last thing listed on our to-do list, and the one most often sacrificed when time constraints set in, but it should be one of the first things we do every day to set ourselves in the right mood.  Believe me, I know it’s hard to think of yourself when the baby is crying and has been all night.  But I also know that I tend to feel more frazzled and cranky if I don’t get a moment to myself each day.

I, myself, split up my time into two segments: morning and night.  In the morning, I will check my Facebook feed and browse through Pinterest.  At night, I will read a chapter or two from the latest book I picked up from the library.  Each instance of “me” time allows me the opportunity to prepare for what’s ahead and recharge from my day.  I know what you’re thinking: I can’t possibly find the time because I wake up to the baby, and then I rush to work, and then I rush home to take care of the baby and the house, and then I work until I fall asleep.

I felt the same way, even with the rush to work since I spent all day caring for my baby and cleaning my home.  I was always stressed out, and with my husband working long hours every day I felt isolated and alone.  I felt I had nowhere to turn for a moment’s peace, and I desperately needed it.  And then one day, it all clicked for me.

My husband recommended taking our son to the library for a visit.  I am embarrassed to admit that, even though my mother was a school librarian at one time, I had completely forgotten about this place.  So, off we went to the library.  When we arrived, my husband and son headed for the children’s section to read a book; at first I followed along, but then I decided to browse through the stacks of books and novels.  And while I walked among the books, I realized I missed reading a book.  I missed being lost in the worlds created by books, with characters to whom I could relate.  I ended up borrowing two books that day, and both were finished within a week, and a forgotten passion returned.

From that day on, I have made it a mission to head to the library about once a week.  My husband likes it as well because it gives him a chance to spend some quality time with our son, which he frequently misses out on due to his demanding job.  And it gives me a chance to find a new book in which to lose myself.

But what does this have to do with finding “me” time?  Well, after our initial trip to the library, I devoured one book before the weekend was up.  And afterward, I felt a renewed sense of self.  My husband often puts our son to bed each night because it’s typically the only time he’s home and our son is awake, so I tend to have a half hour to myself just before bed.  Now, instead of mulling over the worst points of the day, I curl up in bed with my book and read until my husband finishes with putting our son down.

In the mornings, my son tends to cry out for a few minutes roughly around five in the morning.  I am the type of person that can’t get back to sleep after a certain hour of the day, and that hour is typically four in the morning.  So when he cries out, I often will tend to his needs–which is mainly finding his pacifier for him–and then I’ll make myself a cup of tea.  While I drink my tea, I’ll browse through my social media until my husband starts getting ready for work or my son wakes up.  This morning routine helps me feel connected to the outside world, and it gives me inspiration for things I want to do in my home or in my life.

So, these are my little “me” time rituals.  Tell me, readers, what do you do for your own little “me” time rituals?



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